Online Web Ports of Classic Midway Arcade Games

Patrick McCarron

TRMK Admin, Co-founder
Staff member
A press release today announces Midway's agreement with Games Inc to bring some of Midway's classic arcade titles into the wireless and web arena using Games Inc's existing properties. This agreement also includes a "online tournament and league version" of Mortal Kombat. Other games mentioned are Touchmaster, Spy Hunter and Defender. The first games should debut as soon as January 2005. Here is what Games Inc.'s CEO, Roger Ach, had to say about the deal:
"Midway's Classic Arcade games will be another important component of our goal to make Games, Inc. the centerpiece of Branded Online multi-player and single-player content. Midway and relationships such as this, serve as more examples of how Games is focused on executing its business plan to strengthen our Branded Online multi-player and single-player content and build shareholder value.''
We hope to get more details soon about this agreement.