Onaga in Puzzle Kombat(Fake)

Midget Kong

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got a little bored and I thought I'd try to make a little fake involving puzzle kombat so I picked Onaga and proceded to edit an in-game picture of him to look superdeformed..I can see a few mistakes but oh well.I think it actually looks pretty good so I'm posting it.


btw,yes I know he has wings..I just didn't feel like building them from scratch since they're so big and the only pic I could find of the Dragon King has his wings halfway off-screen.
Lol nice fake though he doesn't look SD...

Btw I've seen a couple of pics of him on puzzle kombat, are those fake too??
Thats a nice fake... looks really real.. how did you capture that, a video connection with a video card? I got that as well.. except my TV doesn't support it.. tear