Offline DLC problem. Please Help!


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Hey guys, I'm having an issue with the DLC characters. I downloaded the season pass and aquisitioned all 4 DLC characters and all costume packs. I can play them online but whenever I disconnect, I lose the DLC fighters (Rain, Scarlet, Kenshi, and Freddy Krueger) and can't play as them. Oddly enough, I can use all the new costumes offline or on. Is this supposed to happen? It doesn't seem fair I can only spin water as Rain when I'm connected online because I paid for these fighters and I should be able to keep them for good, offline or on. Does anybody know how to use the dlc fighters offline?

I wonder if it's worth mentioning that I have migrated my account and recovered by gamertag on a different console now. I also have all the Dlc fighters and costumes saved on my hard drive too. so I don't know if that's worth saying. Anyways, much help will be appreciated.
That happened once to me at a friend's house. Even though the DLC had already been downloaded there, we simply downloaded all characters again and it took like one sec and it was ok.
This happened to me once before, connect to live, play Mortal Kombat and download what ever patches it says to download and that's how I fixed it,now I can play them offline and online. It also happened to me on my Xbox 360 don't know if this matters or not.