Official Xbox 360 Gamertag Thread


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Xbox live tag - GUTZnGORE
Online PM record - 183-45 (No low balling)

If anyones looking for a challenge or advice add me!


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Hi everyone. I'm a pretty decent fighter. I mostly enjoy playing as Sektor, Smoke, and Raiden. Feel free to add me if you want someone who won't rage quit if losing some matches. Look forward to getting better at this game. The best MK I played since MK2. Take care :).

Gamertag: Bond Juan


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Online gt: GoG ToXiC
I like playing mortal kombat and anything halo related. I can't play online for a few months yet because my dad won't let me. I play as kitana jade and Kabal. Feel free to send me an fr


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XBL Gamertag: ArmageddonFUA11

Feel free to add me if you want to fight :D

I play almost exclusively as Mileena.

Record: Don't remember by heart, but I will check and update this.
Last I checked I think it was 453 wins, 147 losses.

Chance Womackk

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Chance Womack, yes its my name and gamertag. I have 1 more hour left untill my free pass goes out, unless anyone wants to give me a kombat pass. Then I shall let you win as many times as you want. Deal?


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GT: SkaTeRKliFF1991
I play MK, SvR11, and CoD BO mostly. Also play other games as well. Just check my game history. And play the Wii, PS3, and 3DS/DS as well (pokemon games on the ds, ssf4 and combat giants dinosaurs on 3DS)


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My Gamertag is SphexishBeta. :)

I'm an intermediate (S)SF4 player trying his hand at MK9 and attempting to learn Jade and Kitana.

At the moment, I have far more losses than wins, which is understandable given that: A. I suck, B. I frequently challenge people with a gazillion more wins than me, and C. most games I've played tended to be with non-europeans, which in this game seems to mean noticeable lag, regardless of how many green bars are showing.. (Which isn't game-breaking, but does tend to throw me off quite a bit.)

In any case, hit me up if you'd like a friendly, serious-about-the-game, sporting blood-fountain opponent to spar with.


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My 360 tag is Henzzar 3366. My main is Cyrax, and I like to play as Liu Kang, Ermac, Sub Zero, and Noob Saibot. I like to experiment frequently too. I usually play in Hell, Netherelm, or Outworld. You can also find me in Deadpool every now and then. Sometimes I make a room called TRMK so if you see it jump on in.

Ol Classy

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My X360 tag is Ol Classy. I am a new player to the Mortal Kombat series entirely, looking for either other newer players or experienced players willing to help someone new out with advice and other sorts of junk :). I main as Raiden, and also play Stryker, and Kung Lao. Help a brotha out!


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gamertag: poopingtoad

im ranked like number 30 on the player match leaderboards but i still suck ): add me if you like turtles(not talking about turtles who hide in the back of the map blocking because im pretty sure every hates those guys!)


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online gamertag: TheDonk95
currently dont have xbox live gold, i will buy again next month probably...


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DJ Synk
Looking for fights and some talkin for fun.
CSZ, Noob Saibot, and picking up Stryker for fun.