Official TRMK GT lists for MKvDC

Tim Static

New member
Alright, PRIVATE MESSAGE me with your Gamer tags for either PS3 or 360. Please note which system in your message.

Use this list to find matches with fellow TRMK members in MKvDC!!!!

Edit: If you live outside the US, please indicate where you live in your Private Message. Thanks. -TS

360 users: (TRMK SN - GT)

Patrick McCarron - McCarron X
Tim Static - Tim Static
Brando - x Brando x
Snow - MRK0NE
Glamador - X Glamador X
PK ButtMan - PK ButtMan
Dxtra30 - Dxtra
Kona - Kona Hetre

PS3 users: (TRMK SN - GT)

Patrick McCarron - McCarronX
Tim Static - Tim_Static
outworld222 - Back
Kamal - kb4983
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