official trmk east coast west coast gamertags for mortal kombat 2011

hey its mortalkombataholic since the new mk game is coming out i figured that i would make a post for people who are getting this game. I need your gt what coast your from and what system your getting it for.i want this community to get to know each other and have fun.also i want this to be the biggest mk game help me out thanks alot:)
Xbox Live "McCarron X"
PSN McCarronX

Midwest (as Trip said, Lake Michigan is my coast)

Also remember you can add your GamerTag to your Profile to be easily visible to most users.
I think I'll be getting this game for the PS3. I'm thinking of letting my 360 subscription lapse actually. I never play anything online anymore and PS3 is proving just as good. Though I don't think it's quite as populated as XBL, I can always find people on this forum to play right?
Yeah, but the only issue with PS3 gamers is the fact that not everyone has mics. It can be a blessing in a lot of cases mind you, but not when you're playing with people you've established a rapport with. Needless to say, any Bluetooth mic works.

Toronto is essentially East Coast as far as time goes, and my ID is right there <---------