Official PlayStation Network Username Thread


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PSN = DarkShadowX66

ill prolly be on ALLOT when Mortal Kombat drops,
and ill prolly pick up Portal 2 aswell cause it drops the same day MK does.

They will be the only games I have on my PS3 for a while, so if im online theyre prolly what im playin.
I wont be doing to many online matches till around 4/23 cause ill prolly be in story mode and unlocking
kharacters for online play, but other than that, im always up for a challenge!!

add me if ya want, Just be sure to mention in your friend request
and Ill accept.

See ya online ppl!

Peace, DarkShadowX66


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Ok I have sent a PSN friend request to everyone on the TRMK forums that are showing or that have shared their PSN ID's, I'm looking forward to playing all of you when the game comes out, and for the people that are to competitive, we can join forces to kick but.


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Im not that great at fighting games plus i dont go online that much
Fighting games i play
Tekken 6
KOF XII (waiting till XIII Drops)
EDIT: Il will play mk9 on 24th not 19th sorry
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So I've sent out 90 Friend request, so far 51 of you have accepted my request.

This is going to be fun.


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I'm officially going offline, until April 19th, in 1 hour.
So from here on out, I'll see you guys on PSN.
I'll come back to TRMK, after I've played the "Story Mode" and "Challenge Tower", so that I don't have anything spoiled for me.

My PSN username is under my avatar: Araknyd03
Just let me know who you are on PSN, so that I can correlate with who you are on TRMK. :-D


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My brother and I will be forming the amazing tag team known as Vicious and Delicious and we will be more than happy to battle you all find us at either Beezlboss or endfury87. we fight solo or tag team


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I just got a Job and I start tomorrow so that means I'll be able to get the Internet in my wife an I's apartment.