Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Aldo Moreno

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I AM HE, the Aldo they speak of:


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My crew plays at Foonzo MTL downtown most sundays, not sure if you've heard of Jer, Zaf & LolingOctopus.

I work just nearby Foonzo yet I've never been. Give me a shout next time you go, I'd be up for it. I'm going to get my ass handed to me, but it's all good.


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I have no idea what that means, so absolutely.
Or maybe not. Possible. Yes.

What does that mean?

it means it can work on 360 and ps3

you can modify it to work with 360, pc, ps3 and wii - it cost about 80 to mod for any two combinations add a little extra for a tripple mod.