Official Mortal Kombat X Prediction Competition Thread!


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Official Mortal Kombat X Prediction Contest


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1) ujustgotcaged - 3 Predictions Total - 2 Stars (Bronze) FATALITY (FIRST STAR AWARD)
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Hey guys and welcome to the MKX Prediction Competition, i will continue or (if mods are able to) edit and update the thread as the days go until the release of MKX :)

Ok the way it works is that you make any prediction(s) about MKX and if it comes true you will get a STAR (★) , the list of stars for players will update daily.


1) Predictions need to be from your post date to until games release 14/4/15 or future if content to be announced etc.
2) You can make as many predictions as you want
3) You only get a Star for each prediction that comes true

Trophy Awards:

Diamond - ??? (will be revealed when first platinum winner)
Platinum 10 Stars

Gold 5 Stars

Silver 3 Stars

Bronze 1 Stars

Exclusive Awards
(Awards only to first person to achieve)

Flawless Victory - Minimum of 3 Predictions Came True
Fatality - First Prediction to come true
- 7 Prediction came true
Animality - Listed at least (10) Predictions
Thunder God - 5 Predictions came true
Trophy God - Achieved Platinum Award
Elder God - All Predictions came true (Min:11)

Specify your predictions and number them if you want multiple predictions: Example:

Prediction 1# (Your prediction)
Prediction 2# (Your prediction)

and so on.. how many predictions is up to you :)
you can make multiple posts of predictions if you decide you want to post more.

Predictions can be anything from Story, Towers, Characters, DLC etc. If you want to win stars try keep them as realistic as possible, predictions can become true/false from announcements or from the games release etc.
Once you post your predictions the thread will update with your name and your stars and award status, the first predictions that would make sense to predict is tonight's Kombat Kast, you can even predict anything you want but if you want to win stars try realistic ones.

Good Luck and Have Fun! :)

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First of all I just want to say this sounds hella fun and it should help pass the time .

1.I predict that Johnny Cage lives in the MKX story they're going to need mentor.

2.We will see at least 1 new alternate costume today.

3.I predict that the guy who won last time will lose his belt IF they have a fight at the end of the stream again.

"Hereeeee's JOHNNY!!!!"


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1. Shinnok will blow up in the end of MKX story

2. Kotal Kahn will be a neutral/good guy in MKX story

3. MKX will sell more than Street Fighter 5 in its first week of release.

These are mine.


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Prediction 1#: They're gonna show Jacqui and Jax gameplay today.
Prediction 2#: Fujin will be playable in MKX.
Prediction 3#: Havik is the big bad.
Prediction 4#: Jax's wife and Jaqcui's mother is Gemini.


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Prediction 1: Two secret characters in the story mode. (It happened in MK9 with Cyborg Sub Zero and Quan-Chi.)
Prediction 2: Kotal Kahn will die. (Hope he doesn't honestly.)
Prediction 3: The Krypt will be or is bigger than MK9's krypt.
Prediction 4: An End Game 2 if there is going to be a challenge tower.
Prediction 5: Second DLC season.


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Prediction 1: Earthrealm will be saved.
Prediction 2: The bad guy will be defeated.


i predict that there will be 40 characters total in mkx once all dlc is done no more no less.

i also predict that the game will suck if baraka and sindel are not in


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you can make as many predictions as you want, it can be in multiple posts, also if you already have posted predictions you can post more :)


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I predict that today we may possibly at least see 2 characters fatalities that haven't been leaked and a faction kill.

EDIT: we will see scorpion vs subzero today
The scorpion player will win.

"Hereeeee's JOHNNY!!!!"