Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread


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Noob and Khameleon in the mobile version:



Imperatrix Sindel

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I guess it would be kind of cool but honestly I'd rather them focus on things that actually matter like gameplay balance, work on DLC, as well as continue work on their next game.

I'm pretty sure the cutscene team would be an entirely different team from the ones developing gameplay and whatnot. It's not like NRS is five guys in a room.


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Noob Saibot is also old news.
I saw him in the mobile store when the mobile app first came out.
He's and add-on for Sub-Zero called "Brother Noob" or something like that.


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Those god damned sniffing sucking mother er head es nerfed Summoner Chi!

He can't summon directly off of a hit anymore. Meaning that Low swipe, f1,4xxSummon no longer works! Now I've got to completely rework my midscreen setups. Thankfully he's still the same in the corner.