Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread


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Mariachi Kung Lao. :laugh:

Would have been funnier if NRS released that skin on Cinco de Mayo or on Dia De Los Muertos.


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I found the photos but they're small. Hold on a sec folks

Edit: Here ya go, sorry for the low quality

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Awesome! Finally a bald Kano and not to mention his OLD school look.

Not really crazy about Liu Kang's MK1 costume. Would of much preferred MK3 Liu Kang. I don't know, maybe the MK1 will look ok in gameplay. Its neat (Sonya also) regardless.

Also looking forward to making Tanya my female main. I tried to get in to Sonya. Just doesn't suit me. Same with Mileena. Don't even know how to string with Jaqcui and I honestly just don't care for Cassie. Kitana and D'Vorah great though. Hopefully Tanya will be beast.


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Welp, the red part in the pic that has the name is blurry, and I thought that [MENTION=18676]Rezound[/MENTION] was actually quoting the name of the costume. ;)

Well a "Guacho" is to Brazil like a "Charro" is to Mexico, and a Mariachi is basically a charro that plays music instead of doing rodeos... so, in a way I'm kind of right...? Pretty sure I'm sinking with the ship at this point but oh well :lol: