Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread


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On some Ultra Street Fighter Shit? This is too sick.

Ikr! Definitely wasn't expecting that.

You guys might want to check out the MK website too if you haven't, its been updated. Scorp looks friggin awesome.


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Holy shit!!!! Thank the Gods above!! the MK I always dreamed about is here!! dark, Gritty, Cringe worthy!!! THIS is MORTAL KOMBAT!!!


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On a less important note, I kinda find it interesting that the MK X trailer is on Playstation's YT channel but not Xbox. Obviously it's coming out on all consoles except WiiU, but I wonder if that'll mean that Sony consoles will be the focus like the current trend seems to be. Not trying to start any console wars or anything, just find it interesting; then again it's obviously too early to start talking about stuff like that lol.
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Fvck as a Sub-Zero main I have to hold that bbblp avatar for a good while :rofl:


Injustice gameplay with environmental attacks seem to be in but a tad different to me. For instance, Sub-Zero didn't create an ice blade near the end of the video he just picked it up off the ground. Even when Scorpion knocked the sword out of Sub's hand the sword immediately went straight back into the ground. Maybe it'll be like bring out weapons back in MK: Deception days.

I can't describe it but I don't really like Sub-Zero's look at this moment. I can't tell you why but I like his MK9 look better. This one seems kinda off for me. Ah well I'm sure I'll get use to it.

Finally the music wasn't that bad imo. Not terrible but not overly good or anything. At this point MK needs something recognizable in this installment. When's the last time you played a MK game and thought, "Yo this music is dope!" Not saying it should be filled with rap and dubstep but it at least needs something to set the mood better than Injustice's soundtrack


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Agreed with the weapon stuff, Yung.
Maybe it'll be back.
Who knows?
E3 is in a week. :)

I disagree with SZ's costume look.
I loved it.
Scorpion looked like he was done off of an Injustice inspiration, which looks good, but with a more modified costume.
Sub-Zero got an inspiration that seems kind of like the concept art, which was leaked from that artist, a few years ago.

I love the new look, as it looks more menacing and brutal. :)

MKX Sub-Zero.jpg

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Sub-Zero looks amazing, but I think they covered his nose a bit too much, which is why the face is a bit off.


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Sub-Zero looks amazing, but I think they covered his nose a bit too much, which is why the face is a bit off.

That's it! That's why I don't like it so much!
He has his face covered just like Scorpion but he doesn't have the hood.

Taj great observation :top:


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Did anyone else think of the Legacy episode when watching the trailer?

Is it against the rules to say I have an erection?


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That HAS to be Bi Han. I think they both looked great in this trailer. Environmental weapons like Injustice is a big mistake IMO. That was so unbalanced and cheap. Prevented me from considering it a competitive fighter. I know I could turn that stuff off but when the game is intended to be played a certain way, then I don't mess with it.

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Just came across this interview with Ed Boon, sounds quite fishy, can anyone confirm if it is a troll site by any chance?

Boon made it clear that Nintendo is knocking it out of the park when it comes to being offensive. Tomodachi Life excluded gay marriage and many detractors of that game used Mortal Kombat 9 as a prime example of a game with a strong pro-gay marriage message. The team plans to rectify this by making Raiden a homophobe. Not only will he be the God of Thunder, he will also be the God of Sexuality and will refuse to fight or even talk to gay warriors.

“There are also many other changes that I’m making to these iconic characters,” said Boon as he pulled out new concept art of Raiden which clearly depicts him as being white. The love affair with the Asian culture is now no more as it is being replaced with a more pro-white message. In addition, the rest of the cast will all be Caucasian except for Jax who will not be in the game at all.