Official Leaderboard Stats for MKX

So guys, can anyone post here the official leaderboard statistics for each platform such as the most popular character?

For PS4, apparently, apart from Scorpion and Sub-Zero - Takeda, Johnny Cage, Raiden, Kotal Kahn and Kung Jin are the most used characters across all modes, while Shinnok is the least used, however, I would like the full list for every character.

Any word from XOne and PC?

Immortal Reaver

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Leaderboards are messed up. I saw the number one guy on XB1 have a record of 0 wins and 2 losses. but I'd like to see a character popularity statistic.

Immortal Reaver

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I swear it's at least 90% Mileena and Scorpion scrubs. I'm getting tired of this matchup already. I just played 10 matches and those are the only two characters that I faced.

Darin Nikolov

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Someguy from the other forums posted this:

1- Scorpion 55,096,249
2- Sub Zero 46,529,104
3- Takeda 24,971,734
4- Johnny Cage 23,755,107
5- Cassie Cage 22,615,701
6- Liu Kang 20,160,090
7- Jax 19,586,967
8- Sonya 18,507,266
9- Kenshi 17,695,872
10- D`Vorah 16,274,826
11- Erron Black 15,646,042
12- Ermac 14,130,895
13- Kung Lao 14,123,518
14- Kitana 14,028,376
15- Mileena 13,956,792
16- Raiden 13,267,860 le
17- Kung Jin 11,954,436
18- Goro 11,833,212
19- Kotal Kahn 11,079,097
20- Reptile 8,533,727
21- Ferra/Torr 7,880,805
22- Jacqui Briggs 7,441,625
23- Quan Chi 4,783,073
24- Kano 4,647,371
25- Shinnok 4,100,731

Raiden and Jin had their numbers reseted after 2 weeks and should be higher though.
Quan Chi and Kano are always underused, no suprise here. Popular by charachter designs and great villains, but no one seems to want to play them.
Shinnok is an unlockable, so this explains his numbers. Probably will get ahead of Kano and Quan Chi next month.
Kotal Kahn is probably the most pop. new charachter but is so slow and this is why he is so low in the list.
Reptile, well...he is probably the most half-assed charachter in the game. Shitties Fatalities, Variations seem uninspired, overall feels rushed and unfinished. Great charachter, but NRS seem to have problems with him overall ever since they made him a lizard. MK9 he fif did not look so good as far as charachter design goes, but had great gameplay and a nice fatality, in MKX it is the other way around. Pretty sure he is in TOP10 most pop. MK charachters, but NRS always seems to f' up something with him.
Sonya is a suprise.