Official "Insert MK9 Fighter Here" is Overpowered Thread


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It seems that every ten minutes there is a new thread about how "X" character is overpowered. I figured why not create an official thread just for the overpowered MK9 fighter of the day rant?

Man Eater

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I'm currently playing a Sonya player who spams sweep, jump drop kick, and arc kick. That's it. She's overpowered. Stupid lame bastard. I officially hate her now.


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I think all the characters have the potential to be over powered, in fact as long as i can remember ive never looked at MK without thinking that its a move spam game. You get your little hits in but this game has, and will always, be controlled by the laced together specials lol


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raiden's teleport is too fast. (not saying it's impossible to punish , but really hard) and ermac's wake up attacks are fast as well u always have to just wait and block if he's on the ground (oh and his attacks do way too much damage)


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Quan Chi, I would trade his groundblast trap for a better teleport. The trap is very cheap, and I also know how irritating his teleport is, but its hard to get out of zoning situations with it.


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FYI; any character who rolls up into a ball after you block their move (superman, telepunches, mileena's roll) = free juggle. Y'all should be getting 25%+ combos off these types of juggles easy.


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I think most of the characters are pretty well balanced,

that being said I think Raiden is OP, IF YOU GET CORNERED, his regular combo's are decent but he's a ***** in the corner


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Any character can look overpowered @ hands of skilled players that can do insane combos with him/her.

Damn, even Jax can look like a tough SOB if a very good player just catch you off guard .....


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only things ive felt are unbalanced are things that cannot be overcome. like cyrax bombtrap, otg smoke combos, things that are not meant to exist.

things that truly annoy me are things that are unbalanced in certain circumstances like kung laos spin online. with the lag its damn near impossible to deal with unless your good at predicting.


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Johnny Cage.

Yeah, I said it. His stupid frame advantage makes it where he can just keep hitting you until you get backed into a corner and he just taps 1 to keep you there. Freakin annoying. And then the dude left right as soon as he was beat.

(Only ran into it once, caught me off guard, more of a vent then a OMGNERFNOW! type of deal)


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Kung Lao has too many options. Sub-Zero is a great character, but full of useless moves, while every Kung Lao move can be used in a combo or spammed. It's not fair.

And Scorpion's Hellfire. I just hate it.