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Welcome to the official fanfiction FAQ topic. This topic is here to tell you about the minds behind the fanfics that are posted here on TRMK. Anyone can join in as long as you have a fanfic with atleast 2 or more chapters and your fanfic must be posted on these forums. I hope this helps inspire everyone who reads these FAQs into making more great fanfiction in this community as well as other websites. Here they are.

===MK vs SF===
By ByrdBrain

1) What made you think of making this fanfic?
The main inspiration dates back to the old rivalry these two games had along with the lack of notable fanfics despite the timeless rivalry between the two franchises it always interested me how the fighters would interact among one another what kind of alliances or animosity would brew between them.

2) You made the story revolve around MK2 and chose to pit the heroes of MK and Street Fighter against the villains of MK and Street Fighter. Why not do it similar to MK bs DCU?
Actually it technically takes place in the new timeline of mortal kombat 9 which explains Raiden's visions, but to answer your question the reason why all the heroes are teaming up against the villains was to deviate from the traditional universe A vs universe B then have em team up and take out the true threat formula. mind you i almost went through with it since my original plot was to have both worlds blackmailed into joining the tournament and which ever fighter from whatever world won their world would be spared while the other would be conqured but i felt that that plot wouldn't bring out the characters' personality as much as my current plot so there.

3) How did you decide the roles and battles of each character while writing this?
This was possibly one of the tougher parts of my story. good rival choices of both series are more often than not part of the same alignment so it took some time working around to get it right like Jade vs Vega or Guy vs Scorpion. for the roles i simply kept the mk charcters' roles intact from canon as for the street fighter characters i had to bend a few of em from canon since so little are directly opposed to the main villian of the series.

4) I see that you've also added Raiden's visions into the story. What made you decide to add them?
Initially it seems like Raidens visions would play a role but when the two worlds started merging that all changed. in a way i wanted the characters of Street fighter altered some of MK 9's events (ie Guy preventing Sub-Zero from being taken, Dhalsim wanting to free Ermac, Seth being apart of Mileena's creation etc). and in turn causing the Thunder God to have a new mysterious vision. i believed it was interesting idea to implement plus it struck my fancy in how the street fighter characters would adjust to events similar to the mk characters

5) Which chapter was your favorite and why?
This is a tough one i don't have a favorite, but the few chapters i do like are chapter 6, 10, 11, 12, and 13 since thats were the most notable interactions take in my opinion.

6) Who do you think would win in a fight: Shao Kahn or Seth?
If it was Khan and Bison it would be to close for me to call but since it's Seth i have to say Khan, tough seth would give him a tough time.

7) What do you have planned for the future of you story, without spoiling it of course?
If you recalled chapter 11 you notice the strange vision Raiden has i'll let you think from there but i can say in the future i will delve deeper in both respective franchises' lore and expand some relationships even further though i am still unsure about the latter.

===Resident Evil: The Rebecca Trilogy===
By iViTal

1) What made you think of making this fanfic?
To be honest, I had no interest in the Resident Evil franchise until the RE6 Thread was created on this site. I was hyped from the trailer, and I asked Shirayuki Mizore to summarize the main storyline to me, his small summary was very interesting and I decided to give the series a try. As of now I finished RE1, RE3, RE4, and 5. So a week later after finishing RE3 and learning the characters and what not, Rebecca Chambers really stood out from the cast. She's 18 years old and a expert in First aid. After the Mansion incident Capcom never revealed what happened to her. The RE wikia says she's still alive, so I'm really hoping she makes an appearance in future RE games. She was a playable Mercenary in Mercs Reunion in RE5, and there's rumor about a RE:Revelations Sequel so I'm crossing my fingers that she's the main Protagonist.

2) How did you come up with the horror elements of the story?
Most of my ideas came from the classic RE games. When you think of a Zombie Apocalypse, usually the first thing that comes to mind is a Dark city where the dead roam free. So it was a piece of cake imbedding that into my readers mind. I tried my best to keep Rebecca alone through out most of the story. Solitary confinement is key for horror.

3) Rebecca's role in the RE games was much shorter than other major characters. How did you come up with the way Rebecca reacts in every situation?
Her personality from the RE1 and 0 Helped a lot, The I tried to put myself in Rebecca's shoes and thought about how she would handle the situation alone.

4) Adding the USD Delta members into the story was a surprise, since they were only spin-off characters. What made you decide to fit theminto the story?
I added them to make my story stand out from just being a RE2/3 Remake staring Rebecca. Keep in mind that it was made before Operation Raccoon city released, and one thing that I noticed is that it was pretty close to the actual storyline of the game. Christine, or Four-eyes gave me a chance to extend the story out of Raccoon city.

5) Which chapter was your favorite and why?
Another tough question Lol, but I would have to say Chapter 2. It's during the Outbreak and it's full of suspense because you have no clue to knowing what happens next, I tried my best to give a good description of the City so it wouldn't be the generic dark city with crashed cars and Zombies are around every corner and I think I did a good job at delivering that.

6) Did you added anything from the other RE media that has improved your story?
Other than the USS, that's about it.

7) What do you have planned for the future of you story, without spoiling it of course?
The story is very close to ending, but there will be a Sequel coming in October. Rebecca will be in the City of Tall oaks USA. It's
going to be a "What If" Story with her in it, Alone. Other Characters will make Appearances and Cameos but this story is going to be mainly focused on Rebecca. So look out for that in the future.

===Mortal Kombat High School===
By YungQ94

1) What made you think of making this fanfic?
Honestly I never thought about making this fic. It was all Havok's idea. I was working on my first fic and he approached me with this idea and I said yes. Didn't think it would go far but it went pretty far.

2) I always thought Mortal Kombat would always be about adventuring, martial arts, and kicking tail. What made you think of making the franchise's brutal fighters into a bunch of typical high school students?
True MK is about fighting but I like to think outside the box. I mean come on, another fic with action and fighting? Although very nice ideas from those fics I like to use my own flavors. Not to mention the fact that I am a high school student writing this fic haha.

3) How did you come up with the personalities and relationships of the characters?
Again thinking outside the box. The whole plot was to give these guys different starts. Hence the fact that Scorpion isn't pissed off most of the time. Besides, having the same personalities while in high school would be a bit stupid. For relationships that one came through writing the story. Like Liu being turned down by Kitana to end up with Li Mei just made itself through the writing. Of course predictable things like Scorpion and Mileena came through things like the Challenge Tower gimmick. I would have to say that the most unpredictable relationship would be Johnny and Skarlet.

4) Your fan base is really high. Is that what made you decide to make a season 2?
Sadly no. I was going to make the story regardless but the reason why I started season 2 is because I forgot there was two semesters in a school year. So basically I dun goofed :laugh:

5) Which chapter was your favorite and why?
I would have to say the chapter where Smoke gets together with Jade. I liked it because it was straight from the heart in a sense and came out pretty well.

6) Kahn is a principle? Why didn't you make him an ex-principle or have the students run him off?
Why is Khan a principle?
Honestly I have not the slightest clue :laugh: Honestly, with him being Outworld's leader it just made sense to me.

7) What do you have planned for the future of you story, without spoiling it of course?
Once we get the ball rolling for MKHS, expect more comedy, more oh shit drama moments, and more high school experiences.
===Mortal Kombat: Fire and Ice===
By MKDaz

1) What made you think of making this fanfic? - Well I don't really know. When I read some of the awesome fanfics for MK on here, I though "Why don't I create a fanfic?", I wrote some ideas down and after awhile I thought of this idea! I sent some of my ideas to Flying Jinko and he thought Fire & Ice would be the best and so far, I think everyone else thinks that too.

2) When I first read the title, I thought it would be about Subzero's MK9 ending. Was that idea dropped or never planned? - Well, that was a idea, I think we are still going through with it but me and Jinko are still thinking of ideas for the rest of the story atm, we may think that this is involved near the end, but I dont want to spoil anything if that is what happens.

3) The chapters are really long, and I'm talking pages of just a single chapter. What made you decide to write chapters like that? - Well, small chapters aren't good enough to explain every detail that is needed to understand the story alot. Flying Jinko was the one that extended nearly all of the parts of a chapter.

4) How did you come up with the different OCs of the story? - It was pretty hard, I was thinking about who could be somehow connected to Sub-Zero, so I thought of a young girl, that was when I contacted Flying Jinko and he thought of the names!

5) Which chapter was your favorite and why? - I think it will be Chapter 2, as it describes the amount of sadness within Sung at that point when her parents died. I think this chapter would make or has made the readers emotional while reading it.

6) I haven't seem Scorpion I'm the story yet, unless I overlooked it. Will he have a bigger role in future chapters does the "Fire" stand for something else? - Well, at the last part of Chapter 2 we wrote you may see "GET OVER HERE!!" which will of course lead to Scorpion being involved. Fire does mean Scorpion as Ice is Sub-Zero.

7) What do you have planned for the future of you story, without spoiling it of course? - Well, there isnt much I can say without spoiling it, but with the next chapter you will see Zhao once again.

===Jill's Last Escape===
By Shirayuki_Mizore

Q1: What made you think of making this fanfic?

Well I was originally going to have it revolve around Leon but I figured I'd do the unexpected. I also wanted to come out with a RE fan-fic but really flesh it out with multiple chapters. I didn't want just a few updates because there is so much room for the story since it takes place during Re2 and Re3. Resident Evil is also my favorite video game series along with GTA so writing it would be far beyond enjoyable, motivating me to release chapter after chapter.

Q2: The RE franchise has had some comedy in it, but your story's comedy is more over the top. What do you think of when writing these funny scenes and dialogue?

I really wanted my story to stand out among all the other Resident Evil fan-fictions that are usually very serious, just like the characters of Resident Evil. I knew that a mix of comedy and action could satisfy a wide array of different readers because it contains something for everyone. I've read serious Resident Evil fan-fictions before and I'll just lose interest because although the action and stuff is nice, I like a little variety, making me want to come back for more.

Q3: In RE3, Jill started out with a pistol only so that when the zombies arrive, that's when the fear factor would come in. Why did you choose to start with the Assault rifle instead?

Even though I'm a veteran Resident Evil fan I'm still a wuss. When I first played Re3 I started on easy mode which provided you with an assault rifle at the beginning of the game. Jill starting out with an assault rifle also gives off the empowering feeling that she knows what she's doing. I'm sure most readers already know that Jill Valentine is an expert zombie killer but some reinforcement of that never hurts. Also, a woman holding an assault rifle is a more attractive image than a woman holding a mere pistol, or at least I think so. Gotta love that firepower.

Q4: The story follows an alternate version of Resident Evil 3 where she's able to see other characters. Was there any ideas that helped you think of how you would do this?

Well when I first played Resident Evil 3 I was expected Jill to run into Leon, Claire, or Ada since they were all in Raccoon City. The fact that she only made contact with Carlos, Mikhail, and Nicholai kind of disappointed me so I really wanted my fantasy on paper. I still wanted the survival horror aspect to be present though, making the characters split up after reuniting for a short period.

Q5: Which chapter was your favorite and why?

I actually have two favorite chapters. One of them is when Leon is fighting HUNK because I felt that HUNK didn't get enough showcase in Re2 besides his scenario "The Fourth Survivor." Also, the chapter was inspired by the map Train Wreck from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City so writing it was a blast since that was one of my favorite maps.

My second favorite chapter has to be when

Ada almost loses her life to Nemesis. I loved writing this chapter because I knew when I posted it that I would receive some crazy feedback because everyone suspected that I had just killed off my all-time favorite Resident Evil character.

Q6: The battles against the Nemesis seem more intense than the video game counterpart. Did the inspiration for these encounters come directly from the game or from another source?

Nemesis always seemed to have much potential but the simple mechanics of the game cut him short, only giving him like three moves. I knew that if the game was more realistic, Nemesis would have been a pure, brutal killing machine like when he eliminated Brad Vickers in the beginning of Re3. I really wanted to express my vision of Nemesis, showing him off as a pure monster and nothing else, on a mission to destroy all S.T.A.R.S members. Nemesis was certainly still horrifying in Re3 but if it was made at a later time with more attacks, he would have truly been a most fearsome adversary.

Q7: What do you have planned for the future of you story, without spoiling it of course?

Someone is going to die eventually. I of course won't say any ideas but it's really difficult choosing a character because you don't want to upset fans, preventing them from reading your story and you don't want to kill off someone that no one really cares about. That's why I went with the alternative of

Having Ada become infected

because it shows major character development but it should keep everyone happy.

===Words of Encouragement===
I'd say to come here and share ideas so one of us can help them take their first step. It's not easy coming up with a plot for a fan-fiction, especially if you plan on making multiple chapters.

Just think of ideas, if you get enough ideas for the whole story then start on thinking of the main plot, from that, its pretty simple to go and write on! Don't lose hope if you don't find an idea straight away, you can't just get ideas in one time of thinking. Keep thinking and sooner or later more ideas will come! Some ideas may be connected to real life, I thought of a few ideas when I was experiencing troubles in my life.

If you don't know where to start just think about which series or two you have in mind and study on them thats what i did i just looked through each series' characters studied the story and figured out who would fit in well in the story but never shy away from asking other writers for pointers and read other stories as a way to motivate you.

First think of your favorite character from any series. Imagine what you would like that character to do. With those two in mind, think of the genre of writing you would like to see from the character. Finally, be original with your work. Do something everybody else hasn't seen in this particular series. Sure it might be something like another adventure fic, but make it a different adventure fic.

Still Pending...

I hope you all have enjoyed this. If you have any of your own questions that you would like to ask these writers, feel free to post them here. Also, don't forget to check out their stories if you haven't already. Read them, rate them, and give feedback as well.
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Honestly speaking I like everybody's fanfic. NS's fanfic makes me laugh and Bruzz's fanfic has great story telling. MK + WWII? Hell yeah

More Fanfics to mention is TaBB's Revision of Mortal Kombat and Wraith's Tournament in Wastes
Aww man, sorry NS.
Forgot that Tab's story was my favorite.

I've read about 3 or 4 chapters of Illegal Adventures.
I read all of Revision. Best chapter was Vietnam Liu Kang.
Shit was mad intense.
You know if your good writers, you could spend your time chancing original novels and make money, like i do. You can even sell you less known works on Amazon Kindle.

I really like painting a picture with my literature, i make the sumptuous words my water color. Painting a beautiful woodland scene with rabbits and the caterpillar or sketching a the wildest nightmare, beyond belief and larger than life.

I think the more you read also, the better you become at your craft. My private library is littered, often will i sit in(what i like to call my nightmare chair) and read literature macabre classics, like The Haunted Mask 2 or Say Cheese and Die. Chilling to say the least!.

But the things i pay attention to when reading these, hunched back in my nightmare chair, a candelabra for light and the wind howling outside, whistling through my private gardens, is the way the author writes these nightmares down. What i'm trying to say any Mr Odd Job from the corner shop down the road, could come up to you and say something like:

"oh last night a ghost train came and chased me home, i got into bed and it came up the walls through the roof down on me, it was ghoulish!"

You wouldn't believe him, it wouldn't do anything, probably best to just go home have a glass of whiskey and go to bed.

But if you pay attention, and take time, and write whatever story you're telling down you can come up with something terrifying and believable.

Kung Fu books i think you should read for inspiration, like Louis Cha.

You need to take time and be creative, make every pin drop, every floor board creep. You need to suck your reader into an overpowering wave of sensations and interest.

Altering Mr M Bisons story so he goes of and fights teenage Scorpion in some comedy piece just doesn't do it in the real world.
I think the more you read also, the better you become at your craft. My private library is littered, often will i sit in(what i like to call my nightmare chair) and read literature macabre classics, like The Haunted Mask 2 or Say Cheese and Die. Chilling to say the least!.

Human words cannot even express just how funking hilarious you are at times :rofl:

Are you going to work on any other fanfiction? Besides the Batman one?

Also are you going to continue your fan art?
Smoke :D

A cool guy who is whipped by his girl and has time to amazing things is fun to write about