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Its actually an "alternate timeline" thing, like a what-if scenario. Instead of Shao Kahn ruling Outworld, Onaga is still the ruler of Outworld. And both the red dragon and the black dragon clans will have an important antagonistic role.
Lol, but I actually have a long list of MK spin-offs. I just don't know which one I should release and in what order. I'm definitely doing the Horror fanfic with the Special Forces, but I'm still deciding if I should just do them one at a time or make a chapter for them all (or a select few) periodically. Here's the List:

-Tenth Tournament (Based on the 10th Tournament where the location is in Outworld, and Lui Kang's brother Hornbuckle is the star)
-Netherwitch (The Adventures of Kitana, Jade, and Tanya as the become Magical Girls fighting against Sorcerers and Witches)
-MK Reklaim (Khameleon's journey to free her realm from Outworld. If you like Code Geass's story, you'll like this a bit too.)
-Realms of War (Years after Armageddon, where the warriors are killed off instead of striped of their power, there is a new TCG in town)
-When Wolves Cry (If you know about Higurashi, then imagine it with the MK Shamans in mind. OC Shelia is the Main Character.)

That's all that came across my head so far. If you can think of some more, I might be able to create them.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO anyone down to read a Tekken fic?
I'll post a link when I post it on cause it's got those "mature" contents about it
Ha no need to.
That's why I have the statue.

Nah its about Lili having a shit time with her life until she slowly pulls it all back together. Like from going homeless to humble or some shit like that. I'm terrible at summaries.
Hello!!!!! ^_^ I am...not new here (in a way, I am). And I love reading fan-fictions as well as making them - Despite the fact It's a little messy in the beginning, I am improving.

I also added a new chapter not too long ago. I would like advices and constructive criticism on how to improve my writing, story, etc.

The link to the fan-fiction:

(Didn't want to take up the whole board space xD)