Official Assassin's Creed Persona & Multiplayer Discussion Thread


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This thread is for conversations for the Brotherhood/Revelations multiplayer modes. Talk about recent matches, your leveling progress, your favorite personas, and invite others to play.


The Barber

Wearing ordinary noble's clothes and displaying white streaks in his dark hair, the Barber uses a razor to assassinate his targets quickly and efficiently.

The Captain
Wearing decorative armor and possessing refined sword skills, the Captain wields a thin rapier and kills his targets with stylish flair.

The Courtesan

A sensual woman in liberal clothing, the Courtesan charms her targets before assassinating them in fluid, but lethal movements, with her special bladed fan.

The Dama Rossa

(DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance) - A young, but serious looking leather clad woman, the Dama Rossa kills her targets similarly to a black widow spider, by using her double pronged hair pin.

The Doctor

Bearing dark robes and a beak-shaped mask to hide his face, the Doctor uses a syringe to assassinate his targets and patients, killing many more than what he saves.

The Engineer

An expert marksman, wearing mostly red and white clothes with puffy sleeves, the Engineer wields a compass as his weapon, and kills his targets with careful preparation.

The Executioner

A muscular looking man with the appearance of a butcher, the Executioner wields a handheld axe as his weapon, allowing him to kill his targets with a brutal display.

The Footpad

A man dressed in the garb of a thief or a pickpocket, the Footpad sinks his pair of shivs into the flesh of his target, in a manner reminiscent of a snake, before disappearing from the scene of the crime.

The Harlequin

(Limited edition/pre-order exclusive) - Wearing a costume similar to those of the performers of Carnevale, the Harlequin dons a mask to hide his identity and carries two thin, needle-like rondel daggers, allowing him to make a show out of his target's murder
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The Hellequin

(Uplay reward) - Wearing a purple and yellow striped costume which resembles the outfit of her brother, the Harlequin, the Hellequin wears a intricately detailed mask to partially cover her face and uses her two barbed-like daggers to deliver her target a dramatic end.

The Knight

(DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance) - Covered in head to toe in strong brass armor, the Knight uses his titanic greatsword to forcefully execute his targets, taking down the Templar's enemies easily and obediently.

The Marquis

(DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance) - An affluent man with links to royalty, the Marquis uses his sabre to take down his targets with ease, as if they were nothing but a simple distraction

The Mercenary

A strong man who bears a heavy resemblance to Mario Auditore and other mercenaries, the Mercenary wields a short sword and uses it to kill his targets, showing no mercy as he drives its wide blade deep into their bodies.

The Nobleman

Wearing very rich clothing and a gold-lined cape, the Nobleman assassinates his targets using his claw, a prosthetic set in place of his missing arm.

The Officer

(Limited edition/pre-order exclusive) - A sleek, middle-aged man, adorned in a fine black trenchcoat, the Officer wields an epieu and uses it to silence his targets, warding off any oppression to the Templar's cause.

The Pariah

(DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance) - A wealthy, but stocky looking man, wearing a metal mask and body-covering robes, the Pariah kills his targets with no hesitation, by pulling the trigger on his gunpowder-activated bolt gun.

The Priest

A bald man wearing robes similar to those of a monk, the Priest uses a very thin holy blade as his weapon, in order to deliver his target's salvation.

The Prowler

Using skills and wearing robes very similar to the Assassins, though in Templar colors, the Prowler sports a switchblade, the Templar version of the Hidden Blade.

The Smuggler

A woman who wears a hooded robe and traffics rare items, the Smuggler possesses an inverted hidden blade, which holds some similarity to the weapons of the Assassins, allowing her to kill her targets without making a sound

The Thief

A woman wearing ragged clothes, the Thief wields the sharp half of a pair of scissors in a makeshift scissor blade, using it on her targets to exact vengeance for her brother's death
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Revelations Personas

The Bombardier

Secretly a member of the Qizilbash, an anti-Ottoman rebel group that had close ties to the Templars, he portrayed himself as a member of the Ottoman artillery corps in order to sabotage them from within. He carries a sledge hammer.

The Brigand

(DLC Exclusive-Ancestors Pack) A bandit who trades relics and secrets to earn wealth by serving the Templar cause, Her weapon of choice is a spear.

The Champion

A renowned professional fighter after years of fighting through the mountains of Thrace, the Champion earned the Templars' esteem and the right to fight for the red cross. He wields a small axe.

The Corsair

(DLC Exclusive-Ancestors Pack) A character with an, as of yet, unknown history who carries a sword

The Courtesan

As courtesan born into the intrigues of the Templars, she moves around Constantinople like its sultry shadows. Her weapon of choice is a bladed fan.

The Count

An infamous Wallachian ruler renowned for being brutal in torture, he was given the nickname "The Impaler". There were many rumors of him being a vampire due to his pale skin and bloodthirsty personality. His favorite weapon is a sledge hammer.

The Crusader

(Pre-Order Exclusive) A traitor of the Assassin Order and a secret Templar agent, he held Al Mualim and other assassins hostage after a siege of Masyaf's fortress, though he failed as he was assassinated by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. He carries a long sword

The Deacon

Previously a member of the Eastern Orthodox Faith, the Deacon renounced his beliefs after being embarrassed and humiliated by the Patriarch of Constantinople. Managing to retain a nominal position for himself, he used his standing to erode the church from within for vengeance. His weapon is a long sword.

The Guardian

An estranged cousin of a distant Sultan, the Guardian assigned himself the role of watching over the Templars' secrets, in order to protect their ideology that he believed so fervently in. He remained devoted to their cause after having to discover their principles in Alexandria, once his family had disowned him. He wields a spear.
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lol good i thought this thread was going to be a fail

anywhom i'm pretty close to hitting prestige on Revelations, Level 43 at the moment

Shirayuki Mizore

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They always make the coolest ones pre-order. It seems to be like that for every game :evil:

It's such a good gimmick too. I hate it so much cause you're all like "ME WANT" so you go pre order the game but if you don't have the cash to, it's not fair that you don't get the pre order.


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I use the Captain mostly cause well, don't f*ck with authority kids :laugh:

Also The Nobleman creeps me right the f*ck out :afraid:


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All the pre-order bonuses could be bought through Da vinci DLC, along with an hour of Single Player content, 4 new characters, 1 new map, and 2 new game modes(It split the playerbase up until it was impossible to find a game, so it pretty much sucked, but the pre orders were in it).

Also the doctor(Doctor Zoidberg) and the executioner were my characters of choice. I used to love alliance, I got up to 13th in the world on Co-Op Templar scoring and I mainly played with randoms. Would have been higher but people would go around feeding each other kills with smoke bomb. And they dont even have it in ACR because people cried about stunlocking, which isnt possible in ACR.