Official A Day To Remember Thread


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Hey I looked this up and didn't find any related threads to this band. Anyways This is a thread about the band A Day To Remember. I personally love all their stuff. "For Those Who Have Heart" is my favorite album by them. They're a pop-punk, post-hardcore band. I'm gonna post some of their stuff and see if you like it. Anyways this thread is for discussion for this band only. Please try not to go off topic. I'll post a song from each of their albums. Note: They used to do screamo well they still do but barely anymore on their new stuff.



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A Day To Remember is one of my favorite bands as well. Screamo does not really describe them though. Its more Pop punk meets Hardcore/Metal.
Really one of the only bands that does pop punk that I can stand. Great breakdowns, catchy choruses, awesome lyrics. Their music never feels contrived and always comes across very heartfelt. They've continued to create music that stays at the core what it began as. While still continuing to evolve and change. So yes I am a fan.

My Fav Tracks From "For Those Who Have Heart"
1- Show 'Em The Ropes
2- Start The Shooting
3- Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine.
4- Why Walk On Water When We've got boats(Re-Release Only)
5- Speak Of The Devil

My Fav Tracks From " Home Sick"
1- Holdin It Down For The Underground
2- You Already Know What You Are
3- Mr. Highways Thinkin About The End
4-My Life For Hire
5- I'm made of wax larry. What are you made of?

My Fav Tracks From What Seperates Me From You
1- 2nd Sucks
2- You be tails, Ill be sonic
3- Sticks And Bricks
4- Better Off This Way
5- This is the house that doubt built

Definitely check these guys out. I fell in love immediately and I'm more of a Metalcore/Deathcore fan. But they're great and the pop punk stuff grows on you. And they have some of the ****in catchiest choruses ever. What seperates me from you is great but their worst album IMO. FTWHH is prolly my favorite like every bands first album there is a fire inside the music and it comes through in every track. But Homesick is definitely their most well written work to date. A lot of really on the nose breakdowns, lyrically its all about the things that change while you are away and the effects of leaving home and coming back to a place you barely recognize anymore. And just growing up period. Jeremy's voice is just vicious on this album and it has probably their catchiest tracks on it. So do yourself a favor and get upon this!