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Hello, my children <3

Well, this information is nothing new, this is just to really put it out there for everyone, but, anyway, 3 of us mods have been working hard on moving off topic posts in threads to the Just Talk thread. The whole point of that thread being made was to keep random chatter in one contained area, but it seems people are using any and every thread they can to veer off in to random discussions that have nothing to do with the topic of the thread.

It's fine if a comment or two are off topic, but, when it turns in to a totally different conversation, that is where the problem comes in to play.

It's not that we are trying to be nazis or anything, the whole reason we try to hammer down on staying on topic is because the people going off topic are not the only ones viewing the thread. Other people are reading it as well. For example, one fanfic thread alone, I had to remove over 200 posts that had nothing to do with the fanfic at all, it was just people posting random gifs/pictures and having conversations about school and games and what they were doing later. Other people reading the thread want to read the fanfic and give feedback. They shouldn't have to sift through 20 pages of random conversation. That stuff should be reserved for Just Talk, the chatbox, visitor messages, private messages, or other outside sources like facebook or MSN.

Some of you guys complain about how the chat is dead yet the conversations I moved would have been great to discuss there =)

Please, guys and dolls, just try to stay on topic as much as you can. If you have an urge to carry on a random conversation, take it to the appropriate place. It's much more enjoyable for people to read a thread that has posts about the topic than to have to scroll over off topic conversations between people.

If people are doing it to up their post count, this is not a race. Your post count doesn't indicate how good of a member you are, the quality of your posts do (plus, the off topic stuff will be moved, anyway, so your count will go down ;P). Post count is nothing. Quality of posts is everything. Some people may come across the moved posts in Just Talk and you can see how useless they were to the original topic....just try to stay focused <.<

If you are doing it just because you have a habit of randomly talking, try to remember Just Talk or the chatbox. Habits can be broken =)

Thanks and much appreciated, everyone <3

EDIT: Forgot to add, if a thread has way more off topic posts than on topic posts, it is just going to be moved to the Netherrealm. There is no point wasting time moving 90% of the posts to Just Talk.
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