Noob and Smoke Question


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Ok.. this is aggrivating me.. I have found some fatalities from a certain website check it out!.. anyways... they all work ... well atleast both of scorpion's mileena, baraka, liu kang, and everyone else i have tried... but i cannot get either of Noobs or Smokes to work.. i have tried both of them at every distance... at different speeds and with different technique prolly like 1000 times and i can't get it.. it says..

Fatality 1- back, forward, back, forward 1
Fatality 2- Up,Down,Down,Toward 1
1= X for me i am on Xbox

If anyone has done either of these and can help me out, it would be much appreciated! thanks! :D


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Noob 1 Star, 2 star, too many stars Fatality:
back, forward, back, forward 4 (far)

Smoke Run If you can Fatlaity:
Up, Down, Down, Forward, 2 (sweep)

titled by me eheh.



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Thnx so much! =) happy playing MK fellas... a week till i get xbox live.. cant wait to play you guys on there... Noob Smoke Pwnes you!!!!!