Non-Canon Characters

Ermac and Ruby/Scarlet were rumored characters who have since been turned into canon characters. Kratos is a non-cannon characters from the new MK game. My question is:

Which non-canon characters would you want to become apart of canon?


Classic Sub-Zero (UMK3, MKT)- A different Sub-Zero than Noob Saibot (Bi Han) and Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang)
Kratos (MK9) - God of War
Hydro (Comics)- Friend of Sub-Zero, power of water


Hornbuckle (MKII)- Background of Pit II with Blaze
Belokk (MKG)- Didn't make the final cut for MK Gold


Nimbus Terrafaux (MK1)- Rumored to be in first MK game, black kickboxer.
Human Smoke (UMK3, MKT)- Smoke from MK2 turned into a robot in MK3. However, "Human Smoke" is Robot Smoke remembering his past life as a human. It is not a real character, but a figment of his imagination.
Male Vampire/Kahil Grigesh (MKDA)- Ed Boon posted a pic of a male vampire with wild blue hair, since a male counterpart of Nitara was originally planned. Kahil was a male vampire who used Ashrah's Kriss to slay many of his own kind before committing Hari Kir.

And then of course there's Zebron...
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I would say Kratos. Just because I don't want to see another "ice" character. We have enough sub-zeros, and frost. lol

Hornbuckle would be cool, but I would rather have Kia and Jataaka, and Tasia, No-Face, and Tremor, and other canon characters, that haven't made an appearance in the MK fighting games yet.

I think a male vampire would be alright, but only if Nitara gets a deep story to support a male vampire.


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Legally speaking, a canon Kratos would make the series PlayStation exclusive. He has to be kept non-canon if there is to be cross-platforming.