No More Tears...

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The air was filled with a stench of odd odors, but one was recognizable, the stench of old, drying blood. It smelt like almost a slaughterhouse, except for the odors that weren't recognizable. The air was humid and hot, making it uncomfortable for everyone inside the room, but the conditions of the area were the last of Helena Harper's worries.

The secret service agent awoke, her eyelids opening, hearing someone call her name in a helpless manner. "Helena...please...wake up..." Helena tried to move her arms, as her vision was blurred, but realized that she was bound to her chair in handcuffs and binds. The voice sounded familiar, as Helena tried to recollect who it was. Helena herself was covered in blood, dirt, and bruises while her body dripped sweat, her clothes having soaked it all up as time went on, her condition being far from clean. When she finally came to, she saw her sister Deborah Harper, sitting across from her, tears streaming down her face as she beckoned for Helena to help her. "Helena...please...."

Helena's eyes widened as she saw her sister in the same condition as her, as she looked to her right, seeing Derek Simmons and a man in a suit and sunglasses. A similar man was standing next to Deborah, who was restrained as well, crying out for her sister's help. Helena's heart began to race as she tried to understand what was going on, but immediately went into action of trying to calm Deborah down, even when she wasn't calm herself. "Look at me! It's going to be okay!" Deborah's eyes still poured out tears as she tried to struggle out of her chair, until making eye contact with her sister again. The situation was completely one-sided, Simmons and his men having control, but Helena chose not to give up. "Just keep your eyes on me, Deborah! I'm going to get you out of here! Look at me, we're going to get through this!"

Deborah still whipped her body back and forth as Helena was leaning forward, trying to put a sense of hope in her sister, who was crying profusely. Meanwhile, Simmons was silent, just watching it all, relishing in his success of capturing the two women, stroking his chin. Helena completely disregarded his presence, calling out to her sister. "Deborah! Please! Don't give up! We're going to get through this! We'll make it out of here! Just please, don't give up!" Simmons eventually grew tired of watching the two sisters cry out to each other, lifting his head to gesture the agent next to Deborah, to take her away. The other agent next to him walked over to Deborah's other side, grabbing her arm as the other agent grabbed the other. Deborah immediately began to struggle as she was lifted up and pulled, tipping the chair over as the two agents headed for the door, taking her with them. Helena thrashed from side to side, trying to break free as she cried hard, turning to Simmons. "No! Let her go! Deborah! Not my sister! Take me! Please! I'll do anything! Please don't hurt her!"

Simmons did not even bother to make eye contact with the pleading woman as he simply saw her sister get taken away, screaming out as loud as she could. "Get away from me!" He rubbed his finger against his ring, casually, as Deborah was taken through the doors.

Helena leaned forward as far as she could, screaming at the top of her lungs. "DEBORAAAAAAH!!!" Simmons then gestured his head again, an agent coming out of the shadows, and delivering Helena a hard right hook to the side of her face, knocking her out cold.


Helena woke up, her face in great pain, as she was bound to another chair, but in a different room. The large odor of blood was replaced by the odor of different chemicals, as she noticed the glass window in front of her. She recollected herself and looked through it, seeing her sister strapped to a medical table, struggling to break free. Helena began to panic angrily again, when she turned to see Simmons next to her once again. "Let her go! Please! Take me instead."

Simmons only replied with one word, "Watch."

Helena began to tear again as she looked back through the glass window, seeing two men in medical coats, entering the room where Deborah was held captive in. They each got on one side of her, one holding her down as she screamed, her voice only muffled by the wall separating the two sisters. Helena looked closely to see the other revealing a syringe, moving in on Deborah's arm slowly with it, puncturing it and injecting its contents into her. Helena immediately began to thrash violently, almost tipping the chair over and falling onto the ground as she screamed out. "What did you do to her?! What did you do to her, Simmons?!"

Simmons merely let out a light chuckle, before speaking. "Giving her our gift." He then snapped his fingers as his agents took Helena away. "You'll see soon enough, Harper."


Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong aimed down at the structure, seeing Helena holding her sister by the hand, over the end of the wooden walkway. Deborah was screaming in anger, her legs kicking as her sister held her from falling. Helena looked into her sister's eyes, knowing that inside that body, was still her sister's mind. "No more tears..." Deborah screamed again, her face showing emotions of anger, as she thrashed about. "Not until I avenge your death..." A tear ran down Helena's face as she made the hardest choice of her life. Knowing that there was no hope for her sister at this point, she decided to put her out of her misery, believing it was the right thing to do. "Please...forgive me...." Helena let go of Deborah's hand, letting her fall into the dark abyss as she screamed out, to her sister, who watched her depart. Leon holstered his pistol and looked at Ada, who even had a look of sympathy on her face, which was odd, due to the face that Ada usually did not show emotion. Helena laid still, her eyes still on the abyss, as her emotions changed from forms of sadness and grief, to anger, being fueled by revenge.

"I'm gonna make him pay for this..."

For those who don't know the scene

You would rewrite this scene :/

it was the saddest moment in RE6 next to Pier's sacrifice, but that fic did get me hyped for RE6. Gunna use Helena in onslaught mode and predator :love:
Lol to be honest, I was more sad about Helena losing her sister, than Deborah being taken away. If you catch my drift. I wanted to try and write something more on the sad side. I was actually going to make it really dark, but I didn't have too much to work with.