No DLC For PS3?


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The "Blackest Night" and the second "Red Son" skin pack are not on the PSN Store and it already updated. Is this DLC exclusive to XBOX? or is it that it's just not coming for PS3?. I say this because the "Arkham City" skin pack that was released last week also did not come to PS3. I thought it was just that we were getting different DLC at different times depending on your system because the "Blackest Night" Batman skin and the "Zombie Mode" were released on PS3 only. I was proven wrong when the skin and the "Zombie Mode" were removed from the PSN Store that same day. Why is the DLC coming only to XBOX for two weeks in a row?. Are the devs ignoring PS3 players? I can understand if the "Arkham City" skin pack only coming to XBOX last week was an error but two weeks in a row? Do you guys think it's just a coiencidence?

What do you guys think? :)


Thanks to this article on IGN we can infer that the Blackest Night and the Red Son 2 skin packs were released on XBOX BY MISTAKE. They were also released full of bugs, though I heard of a new patch that fixed the bugs so they might have been released on time and just on XBOX for now. They cost 240 Microsoft Points each. A PS3 release date is unknown but we can guess that they will cost $2.99 each like the other skin packs that have been released.
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Yo that Kabal Deathstroke tho?

Godlike. I'm really hoping they do a Red Son skin for everyone. Even though I know they wont, the idea of Russian bear Doomsday gets me excited. Like Zangief's shit