NLL '08 season, Best yet?


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Well, with the release of the idea for a expansion in 2011 to make it to 21 teams, The good season they had last year, and what looks to be a great season this year, I think the NLL will soon be close to as big as the NHL.

With great acheivements this year like the New Boston Blazers team being signed for the next season, John Tavares claiming the All time goal scorer record, and both team leading their respected divisions being undefeated, I think they will get a lot more publicity this year.

At the HSBC arena in Buffalo, the bandits get about 11-14 thousand people a game. Much less then a hockey game, but each year it's growing. And with Prices like 22$ a game for great tickets(Gold section), that go as low at 5$ a game for 300 section tickets, they have no problem selling tickets to these fans.

And To top it all off, Febuary 15th, that will be a great day. A great day indeed. Not only will the BUffalo Bandits play The Toronto Rock, but The Philadelphia Wings Who lead the East at 3-0 will play the Colorado Mammoth who lead the West at 4-0.

Philadelphia doesn't play another game until then, but Colorado plays the Portland Lumberjax, who are 0-3, to they have a great chance to stay undefeated. I'm watching this game for sure.

But yeah, This season, and the upcomming season look to be great.