Nightwolf Thread - "Ancestors Give Me Strength"


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"Nightwolf, an Apache warrior, is a Native American character who, although introduced as a historian and a shaman, does not live in the past. He is a proud and fierce warrior dedicated to the cause of good, and is in contact with Raiden through visions. As such, he draws both on internal and external spiritual energy to enhance his power."

Styles and Specials

Axe Swing: a good combo starter(Arguably his best) a couple of these and a forward b kick can get you a nice 20-25% damage deduction. If you use the powered up attack it will get you two hits instead of one, giving you a nice setup for a combo

Choke: Can end a combo nicely, powered up it gets you four hits and around 16% damage

Shoulder: Can surprise your opponent, end a combo, Close space between you and a zoner, and give you the chance to begin a combo

Reflect: One of Nightwolf's most unique moves, it will reflect any projectile, a GREAT tool against spammers, and will also catch your opponent off guard

Lightning: This attack is unblockable so it is useful when your opponent blocks a lot, will put your opponent on the ground giving you an opportunity for a combo

Arrow shot: Will keep your oppenent at a distance, good if you like zoning

Blade and edge-1,1,2: A nice little three hit combo that does 12% damage

Axe Blast-1,2,2,1: Four hit combo that does 16% damage

Dagger Stab-B+1,1,1: A nice combo for punishing teleports

Deadly Dance-1,1,4: Nice three hit combo that does 14% damage

New Earth-2,3,4: Nice three hit combo but pretty useless

Tomahawk smash-B+2,2,1: Nice three hit combo that does 18% damage

Full moon-F+3,1,2: High damage combo that does 17% damage

Spirit Tracks-F+3,B+4: Good combo for getting people on the ground

Nightwolf PvP Strategy

Vs. Spammers: Use reflect to reflect the projectiles back at them, or jump their projectiles(Requires a bit of timing) and land a combo on them

Vs. Zoners: Take the fight to them, try using a throw and then use a combo starting with the axe swing when they get up(Usually dont have time to retaliate). Lightning will also knock them to the ground letting you close some of the distance.

Vs. Rushers: Use arrow shot to keep them at a distance, If they keep teleporting wait for the opportune moment to throw
and use an axe swing combo. Shoulder will break their attack and let you do a combo or two.

Vs. Teleporters: Wait until they teleport, block them so they fly into the air(Like scorpion) Or finish attacking(Like Kung Lao) and use the back+1,1,1 combo or throw and use another combo

Nightwolf Kombos
Meterless combos​
-12 hits 49%: JF+2, 1, 2, 2, axe swing, F+3, 1, 2, F+3, 1, 2, D+2. (Wall)
11 hits 41%: JF+2, B+2, 2, axe swing, B+2, axe swing, dash~1, dash~1, 2, 2, Soulder.
-9 hits 30%: B+1, 1, axe swing (or EX axe swing, 10 hits 33%), 1, 1, arrow shot, shoulder.
-9 hits 36%: JF+2, B+2, 2, axe swing, 1, 1, 2, arrow shot, shoulder.
-6 hits 27%: F+3, 1, axe swing, 1, axe swing, shoulder.(From Combo list)

-2 hits 12% F+2, choke
-2 hits 11% F+3, B+4
-5 hits 21% 1,1 axe swing, choke(midscreen)
-7 hits 26% B+1, 1, axe swing, axe swing, shoulder(midscreen)
-6 hits 25% 1, 1, axe swing, B+2, 2, 1(corner)
Courtesy of Voncroy^

Enhanced combos​
-14 hits 40%:1, 2, 2, axe swing, step forward, 1, 2, EX axe swing,step forward, 1, 2, EX command grab(courtesy of Zatoichi)

X-ray combos​
-11 hits 55%: JF+2, B+2, 2, axe swing, B+2, axe swing, dash~1, 2, X-ray.Choke
-4 hits 38%: axe swing, X-Ray(Pretty easy)
-8 Hits 47%: Jump Punch1, 2, 2, Axe Swing, X-Ray.

User combos:
122 hatchet b2 exhatchet b2choke - 40%

122 hatchet b2 hatchet 1 122 x ray - 50%


f312 f312 f312 1221 - 45%

Keep em comin :)

Please feel free to add anything and ill edit this post.
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Re: Nightwolf Fan/Favorite thread

I love Nightwolf as well, his 2nd alt is awesome, love this one combo that I can do with him, it goes 1, 2, 2, axe swing, step forward, 1, 2, EX axe swing,step forward, 1, 2, EX command grab(Does 40%). (1=x/square, 2=Y/triangle, 3=A/X, 4=B/Circle). I also loved how he was the only hero to go out like a boss.


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Re: Nightwolf Fan/Favorite thread

Nightwolf is one of my favorite characters in the game. My favorite combos of his are 1,2,2,1, b+1,1,1,1,1 and 1,1,db1. When it comes to enhanced attacks, I like his enhanced shoulder charge and axe uppercut. His X-Ray attack and first fatality are pretty nice too.
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Re: Nightwolf Fan/Favorite thread

I'm gonna start trying to use him soon, but just a quick suggestion. Maybe rename the thread so it fits with all the others?


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Re: Nightwolf Fan/Favorite thread

Nightwolf is also one of my favourites. I think hes probably my 3rd best though.

1. His Alt costume is better than normal I think.
2. I think my combo is 45% using one enhanced attack. Back+Triangle, Triangle, Normal Axe Swing, Normal Axe Swing, Dash Forward, Triangle, Enhanced Axe Swing, Dash Forward, Triangle, Normal Choke Strangle.
3. His story act was good I think, but then again I thought the whole story mode was amazing
4. I thought his arcade ending was alright, they're all quite intriguing to watch. (All the ones I've seen so far)
5. I like wolves and I agree with you with his connection with the spirits. Looks cool at the beginning of a fight, "Ancestors give me strength" and a bolt of lightning strikes down at him. Another reason I like him was he was the animality guy (Shame theres no werewolf fatality for him). My final reason is the shoulder barge move. It gets them all the time. Whether you use it as a wake up attack or just wanna get close to your opponent, the shoulder barge hardly fails for me.

All in all, hes a great character :)

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Nightwolf is the first character I picked to work with seriously. I don't have much to play MK so I still haven't finished all the character's ladders and still didn't figure out which characters will be my main. But looks like Nighty will be top five for me for sure.

I love his Alt costume, LOVE his ending thought it was a little depressing, his specials are sick (my favorite is probably the double shoulder charge), his storyline in the story mode is amongst my favorites and absorbing projectiles is probably the most badass thing a character can do!

Thanks for all the combos guys, I'm going to be checking them out for sure :)


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You're very lucky dude, as you main Nightwolf and he has what I consider to be one of the best alternate costumes available. Keep up the good work practicing!


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My computer keeps saying theirs malware on this site whenever i try to get into this thread, anyone know if this is just google being moronic or is it actually true?


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Nightwolf is so far my favourite (along with beasts Kung Lao and Ermac), these three were all my TOP 5 before, so I am more than happy than what NRS has done to them. I wouldn't say Nightwolf is easy to use, but when you do know how to use him, he can be very devastating. He's neither too slow or too fast, he's very well balance and one of the most versatile characters in the game in my opinion. He works very well in a close range (axes), mid range (shoulder) and long range (arrows and lightining), much more than many people can say about other characters.

In a real fight, I usually don't do long combos (they generally end up between 6-10 hits), these are my favourite combos from Nightwolf:
- 20%-24% - enhanced lightning, axe, shoulder. Only three moves, quite simple and effective.

- 24%-26% - jump towards the oponent + square, square, square, axe, axe, shoulder. My favourite!
- 32%-34% - back + square, square, axe, enhanced axe, axe, shoulder. Easy and devastating!
(if you do the enhanced version of his shoulder at the end, even better!)

- 42%-44% - jump towards the opponent + square, square, square, axe, x-ray. Again so simple for 44%.

Some of these combos can start diferentely, but these are generally the ones that I manage to do in a real match quite often. The percentage varies depending on if the opponent blocks the beginning and the execution of the combos which may be different at certain moments.

His arrows are quite effective and his enhanced arrows rock, his reflector is totally worthwile.

However, I don't use his normal lightining as I feel it's pretty useless compared to other way more effective tools Nightwolf displays in his arsenal. I also don't do much his special grab he has (which counts as a special move on his movelist) as I feel his shoulder is more effective after two axes. His shoulder may be cheap if you use it constantely.

I have to say, I'm quite happy about what they've done to Nightwolf, I can see him at least mid-tier, but he'll probably end up high-tier in the next more accurate tier lists.
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If you want i can edit the nightwolf render to quit that white background and make it transparent, it is very simple.


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The improvements made to your thread look GREAT Zoidberg! Just one suggestion:

-Make the # of hits and % damage of each kombo bold so that it's easier to see


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Unbelievable how Nightwolf is so underrated. Yet, he's my main.

Nightwolf is by essence a defensive character, however, when you counter-attack, be sure you use Nightwolf's combo potential to destroy your opponent. Nightwolf is one of those characters you don't want to get caught in one of his combos since he hasn't be nerfed (nor does he need to) and his combos are so diverse and so easily linked together that you'll have to use lots of breakers. However, Nightwolf is arguably one of the hardest characters to master due to his defensive nature and his difficulty to start a successful combo (he doesn't enjoy the wonders of a spear, ice ball or a scream). So, you have to play very wisely with Nightwolf to time his defense and his counter-attacks. I would not advise an offensive game for Nightwolf since the only true offensive move in his arsenal is his shoulder, which can be pretty punishable if your opponent has experience one his side.

In terms of special moves, Nightwolf is probably one of the most balanced characters in the game. Every single special move and its respective enhanced versions are great for many specific situations, none is unecessary.

Nightwolf's special moves:

Shoulder: great for pressure game, for ending a combo and specially for wake-up attacks. The most versatile move in Nightwolf's arsenal.

Lightning: dangerous for distant pressure since it's unblockable, when you do a successful shoulder against your opponent and he is far in the opposite side of the screen, time your lightning and he will be easily hit, Nightwolf's lightning is also great for lazy opponents who just stay there blocking. This move cannot start a combo, nor be linked into one.

Arrow Shot: Nightwolf's projectile, good for zoning and also for ending a combo (which I do not advise since his shoulder and choke are much better options for that matter).

Reflect: Nightwolf's Holy Graal gameplay-wise, if you know how and when to use it, you're fearsome, since it instantly reflects most projectiles in the game.

Axe Swing: perfect combo-starter and perfect anti-air, this move is the basis of most Nightwolf's combos.

Choke: the most powerful option for ending a combo (9% for shoulder, 11% for choke), but you have to time when to use it correctly.

Nightwolf's enhanced special moves:

Power Charge (also know as "double shoulder"): unlike the regular shoulder, power charge has a two hit damage and works full-screen with armor. Perfect for wake-up attacks and for getting close to spammers, also good for ending a combo for more damage percentage.

Thunder Storm: unlike lightning, thunder storm is a perfect combo start due to its pop-up effect, do not use it if your opponent is far from you, but only when you know you can catch him near you.

Multi-Arrow: while it can be used for ending a combo, it's better used as a more powerful replacement to the regular arrows from the opposite side of the screen since it's impossible for your opponent to avoid it both in the air or in the ground, it can be deadly for deciding a match.

Absorb: one of the best enhanced moves in the game, Nightwolf can literally gain life bar (between 5%-10%) for each time he uses it. Use it wisely.

Tomahawk Dash: simply the most deadly of Nightwolf's enhanced moves, you can abuse it for 3 times, it not only has a pop-up effect and leaves your opponent wide open for more combos, as it is truly devastating damage-wise. Note that once you do the third tomahawk dash, there's not pop-up effect and the combo ends there.

Strangle: a substitute to the regular choke but more devasting (choke = 12%, strangle = 16%), it is the best enhanced special move for finishing a combo if your opponent is falling near you, it's even more powerful than power charge itself.

1 - square
2 - triangle
3 - X
4 - circle
B - back
F - forward
J - jump
D - down
P - punch
K - kick

Nightwolf has a lot of combo variety to choose, but I will put my favourite ones here. Have in mind that Nightwolf has a lot of choices combo-wise, you can easily mix up his special moves.

Great basic combos:

F+2, choke (2 hits) - 12%, fantastic because it's pretty fast and unexpected.

F+3, B+4 (2 hits) - 11%, the only low combo in Nightwolf arsenal, use it wisely.

These are my two favourite most basic combos from Nightwolf because they're useful for several situations. The first choice (F+2, choke) is perfect for fast characters because the move itself is pretty fast and the second choice (F+3, B+4) is great for putting pressure on opponents who don't defend low specially when they do a wake-up attack.

Favourite easy combos (meterless):

Mid-screen: 1, 1, axe swing, choke (5 hits) - 21%, combo start with JP = 24%, (6 hits)

Mid-screen: B+1, 1, axe swing, axe swing, shoulder - 26%, combo start with JP = 30% (8 hits)

Corner: 1, 1, axe swing, B+2, 2, 1 (6 hits) - 25%, combo start with JP = 29% (7 hits)

Nightwolf is a great character to start a combo with JP, hence why I added the damage value in case you choose that combo option. Most of Nightwolf's meterless combos are 20%-30%, so learning them is totally worth it and they are pretty easy to do if you time them well. Feel free with to use his variety of specials to ending a combo in different ways.

Favourite complex combo (1-3 meter bars)

Mid-screen 1 bar: lightning EX., axe swing, dash, 1, shoulder - 21% (4 hits)

Mid-screen 2 bars: B+1, 1, axe swing, axe swing EX., axe swing, shoulder EX. - 37% (10 hits), combo start with JP = 40% (11 hits)

Corner 3 bars: B+1, 1, axe swing, axe swing EX., axe swing EX., choke EX. - 43% (13 hits), combo start with JP = 46% (14 hits)

There are sooo many options for meter combos for Nightwolf that would be insane to put them all here. Use a simple combo that requires the axe swing + axe swing EX., then you can end the combo with the enhanced versions of his various special moves such as choke or shoulder or even arrow shut. It's up to you to decide that. The damage power will most likely be 30%-40%!!!

Favourite x-ray combo:
Corner: B+1, 1, axe swing, axe swing, 1, x-ray - 48% (10 hits), combo start with JP = 51% (11 hits)

Nightwolf's x-ray: 34% (3 hits)

In my modest opinion, it's not worth using Nightwolf's x-ray unless in very specific situations where you have to end a close-up match. You can do easy and more complex combos which may require 1-2 meter bars that will do a lot more damage than 34% and you still get 1 meter bar for future breakers. I only use Nightwolf's corner x-ray I wrote above, preferably with a jump punch starter, since I can easily do a damage over 50% in my opponent's life bar, which in my - again - modest opinion is great. And, mostly, this x-ray combo situation is perfectly doable.
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Best match-ups:

1st: Sub-Zero & Cyber Sub-Zero
No need to separate those who are basically the same character. Ice powers are deadly, yes, but for Nightwolf is so, but sooo easy to reflect them that it is impossible for them to zone your Nightwolf. They will most likely not use their ice balls during the match and they will start at great disavantage since these two characters are all about freezing someone.

2nd: Jade
Why did I pick Jade? While Jade herself has also lots of tools of her own, most of them can be neutralized by Nightwolf. Her huge arsenal of projectiles will be worthless against Nightwolf in case he reflects them, plus his shoulder will be a pain in the ass for Jade, not to mention his annoying lightning. The funny thing is Jade can be immune for projectiles, but Nightwolf has so many tools that he will not be needing his arrows at all to fight Jade and to attack her from distance use lighting and in case she jumps, she axe swing for anti-air.

3rd: Sindel
Obvious choice. While Sindel is the most efficient zoner in the game, she's useless against Nightwolf. Be carefull when you play against Sindel. Use lighting and arrows wisely. Do not use reflect to send Sindel's air throws back to her, simply because she will be on the ground already once you do it. When she does regular projectiles - both normal and low - use reflector and she will regret it, but when she uses air throw, it's a free passaport to use absorb and gain more life bar. Also, Sindel simply doesn't respond well to pressure games in case you use shoulder. Have that in mind.

Worst match-ups:

Good Lord! If you catch a Noob Saibot spammer online, you'll surely get frustrated. Despite being the most annoying zoner on Earth, Nightwolf cannot reflect his shadows and it will be very, very hard to catch Noob Saibot. Nightwolf is all about defense, but you will have to be smarter when playing against Noob Saibot. Jump over his shadows and get close enough do either his shoulder or lighting. Be careful not to be predictable, if you do shoulder all the time, your opponent will know it and will uppercut you. The best way to destroy Noob Saibot is jump over him and start a combo with JP and do a complete 40% combo against him. Good luck.

2nd Cyrax
While Cyrax is not as annoying as Noob Saibot at zonning, he's still damn good at pressure games. Note that Nightwolf will not be able to reflect his net or bombs and you'll barely know when he'll use his saws, plus his teleport is not punishable by none of Nightwolf's moves. First important rule: do not use lightning against Cyrax, it'll be useless. Second important rule: do not use shoulder when Cyrax teleports, a good Cyrax player will know and will crush you right away. Third important rule: do not use reflect against Cyrax's net, it'll be a waste of time. The best way to beat Cyrax is to use arrows from the opposite side of the screen and when he throws bombs and he's most vunerable, dash towards him before his bombs catch you. Use his basic combos I wrote up there: F+2, choke and F+3, B+4. A fast move and a low move to catch Cyrax off guard. Keep bars in case you need to break combos. When Cyrax uses his net, do absorb to gain life bar and try not to jump much since Cyrax is a damn good anti-air character. Good luck.

3rd Raiden
Seriously, I am not even going to write about this... this... rrr... Raiden is annoying, cheap and there's nothing you can do about it. Train against him, seriously. Watch out his teleport and see what your opponent does when he uses it. Be careful about the superman move. When you defend it, YOU HAVE TO DASH! and then start a combo. Don't worry about reflecting Raiden's projectiles because those are no concern. In case Raiden start a close fight, do shoulder or jump over him to start a combo. Again: PAY ATTENTION TO RAIDEN'S TELEPORT AND SUPERMAN!!! Good luck, you'll need it.

Ok, I'll end here.
Hope you enjoy this!
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