Next Most Popular Female DLC

Who Out of the 4 Female Fighters Only Do You Want as the Next DLC?

  • Frost

    Votes: 8 12.7%
  • Li Mei

    Votes: 12 19.0%
  • Sareena

    Votes: 29 46.0%
  • Sindel

    Votes: 14 22.2%

  • Total voters


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Alright guys,

There seem to be a lot of fans wanting Sindel, Sareena, Li Mei and Frost as the next Female DLC. Especially, since they're all in the Story of MKX. Now let's just say that the Silhouettes turn out to be a troll placeholder (God Willing) where the DLCS could be 'Anyone' and Not the '3 In Game Model NPCs (Rain, Sindel, Baraka) + Fujin, which of these 4 Females 'Only' would you want?

I personally would want Sareena. Unlike Li Mei, Frost and Sindel she hasn't really had a chance to Shine. (Armageddon doesn't count...for anyone) I really think she deserves a 'real shot' on the roster with her own moves, fatalities, x-ray, fighting style, fleshed out story etc and at least given a proper chance like Frost, Li Mei and Sindel for players to decide whether they like her or not.

Now, I've done a little Poll just to see who is the most Popular of the 4. Feel free to cast your vote above. Maybe we can see once and for all who is the most popular of the 4.


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Sindel - out of the ones listed.
my wish would be for NRS to remove mournful from kitana and give her another fan style. Bring Jade back as DLC with Mournful and 2 other variations and her green projectile immunity glow.


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Why does Armageddon not count? That's so random, give Fujin a chance because MK4 does not count either just because.

I prefer the 4 characters to be male. Unless one of them is Skarlet I don't care for any more female characters old or new.


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Armageddon was just too Generic in the way it handled the Non Deadly Alliance & Deception Characters. The Kreate a Fatality and borrowing of styles from Deception Characters didn't allow them to Shine Properly. Sareena in this case had one of Hotaru's fighting styles from Deception: Ba Shan Fan. She did at least have a weapon stance and a few special moves but she always felt like she was half done and wasn't her own character. As did most characters who made their 3D Debut in Armageddon. Fujin at least in MK4 had enough thought put into him to be his own character who was unique and specific. Sareena never really had that chance.

Imperatrix Sindel

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I want Sindel, obviously, but I think Sareena and Li Mei would also be great choices. Sareena in particular deserves a chance to shine and imo should have been roster this time out (but when has that not been true).

Sareena is far from the 'most requested' though except by hardcore fans. Don't kid ourselves that we're representative. The most requested by far if you look at Twitter and Facebook etc are Jade, Frost, and Sindel in that order. The Sareena contingent amounts basically to two annoying spammers who reply to everything Ed tweets.


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My favorite is definitely Sareena, though it seems like the most popular out of the 4 is Frost, i like Frost but i feel like we have to many similar characters in MKX's roster already, maybe she should be kept for the next game, and give unique characters like Sareena or Li Mei have this one, though if you go by the silhouettes KP2 tease, Sindel seems like she's the most likely to be in it, i mean just look at the hair of the second character to the left, its obviously Sindel.


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I'm more interested in Li Mei. We've seen Sindel in action with MK9. Frost and Sareena are decent enough characters, but one is heavily criticized for being a "clone" and Sareena bored me in the past games (though I still wouldn't mind seeing her). But Li Mei seems cool and I enjoyed her cameo in MKX.


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I think Li Mei and Sareena have the most potential, never really been a fan of Sindel. She has a cool design but I never liked her moves, and Frost is a female Sub Zero take it or leave it.

So I'd have to say Sareena and Li Mei are tied for my first place because both could be pretty awesome if done right, then Frost in third and Sindel last.


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In all honesty, I really want to see Frost in this game, from a gameplay perspective though. It would be cool to see what NRS could do to set her aside from Sub-Zero and all of his variations.


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The only way Frost will ever playable in a MK game is if these pathetic little Sub-Zero fan-boys learn to accept that like Bi-Han and Kuai Liang she is a cryomancer. Part of being a cryomancer is having control over ice and snow. I mean come on Bi-Han and Kuai Liang are basically clones since they are both cryomancers.


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gave my vote to Sindel. would also not be against Sareena. definitely against li mei and while I am indifferent towards Frost, with the variations and Subzero around I don't see how she can feel any different or unique