Next Mortal Kombat Game Story


Well-known member of the worst things about mortal kombat are its fanfictions...let's see here

"I am a puppet to nobody! The realms shall remain unmerged as long as I live! I not a puppet to you?"
"Good, good. And no, you are now our champion! Champion of the Elder Gods!"


i read some of it and it was bad as usual like any fanfic
key scenes:
noob gets manhandled by kahn in space, the cringe dialogue continues, jade wandering around near some portal and instead of b!itchslapping the traitor as well, he starts having another cringe dialogue and then for some reason they become best friends forever....etc etc etc

fanfics should never be turned into video games

edit: it gets much worse starting from chapter 2...nobody talks like that hahah
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