Next character to be revealed?

Ok NRS you have done the impossible.

You have made me respect Aquaman :congrats:

So glad I pre-ordered this game
Or it could be Green Lantern since his alternet costume is the sinestro corps
um not as far as we know ... so far we've seen two costumes for GL in the various trailers and neither of them are from the Sinestro corps

And rikolaw, the person glowing yellow isn't wearing a cape so it's not Shazam or indeed just his boots.

EDIT: Just rechecked the video, it's 23 seconds in, not 24 ... at 25 Flash and Shazam are standing in the distance so maybe that's what you thought I was referring to
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Huh. My mistake. I've never looked at the chest logo before and I guess because the non-glowy bit of the costume is green I just saw it as a green lantern uniform. Sorry Ice Chemical, you were right!

Now I feel silly
Probably a fair guess. Grodd should be pretty interesting. I don't think I'd ever considered him as a possible inclusion until today. Does anyone know who the character fighting Giganta is?
Who is that one next to him?

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I don't think she'll be playable. I bet she fights that dude full grown size in the background on some stage.



and the final code of 8319 leads you to a blank page.
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It just occurred to me that the Atom Smasher vs Giganta bit might be a stage element. I loved the fights with monsters going on in the backgrounds of MK9. Might be a similar thing. Which would be awesome!
Giganta playable would make sense if she was put as like the same height as Grundy.

Then she could go full-size for her super.

Aquaman looks like a boss. Puts Batman to shame.