New "Worlds Collide" Trailer Revealed!

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<a href="">GamesRadar</a> has snagged another great exclusive. This time it's a <a href="">longer detailed trailer</a> for <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe</a>! In the trailer appears to be the intro video to the game, as the main story line is revealed along with clips of the various cutscenes in the game. The great voiceover acting work done on this title is also seen publicly for the first time, and it looks very good.

Check it out below, or over at <a href="">GamesRadar</a>. We expect higher definition copies to be available later this week.
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Thanks to <a href=""> Tim Static </a> from the <a href="">TRMK forums</a> for the tip!
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This one would be a whole lot better than that lame-ass cinema spot from Leipzig...
Yeah, awesome trailer indeed. Some people on other sites had said they got a kick out the part where Scorpion pulls Shazam thru the portal LMAO...

Batman's voice is also pretty awesome, some people are saying they like it better then Bale's but not quite as good as Kevin Conroy's. Still, I have no issues with the voiceacting this time, they did a very good job with it in this game.
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