New Story Teaser!

That was pretty cool, though I expected some CGI footage. Also that speech sounds very much like V's video transmission speech from V for Vendetta.
I have a feeling that they're going to copy Marvel's Civil War arc, Batman will be the leader of one group and Superman the other one.
I have a feeling that they're going to copy Marvel's Civil War arc, Batman will be the leader of one group and Superman the other one.

Thats what it seems like to me. Ed Boon said that there would be a reason Superman & Batman are fighting one another. Also on the select screen it shows Superman & Batman on opposing sides. This could easily just be a design choice, but I'm thinking its going along with that Civil War plot.

idk about that. This game is gonna be either vandal savage or lex luthor turning the human population against the JLA This isn't the first time it's happened. And it won't be the last. :)

And Ed said that there would be a reason why batman can beat up superman not that the two were be fighting. because people were asking how he'd survive superman's super-move.
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their not who said they were? has that been put out already. besides that's vandel savages voice. It might be like MK vs Dc were you fight as the two but they never fight each other. Or if this infact vandal savage and not lex luthor then it's simple mind control. savage has done that before as-well.
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Ed Boon says in an E3 interview that there will be a reason story wise why Superman and Batman are fighting each other.
When? I only remember him saying that the story would explain why batman can beat superman not that the 2 were actually fighting.
I don't ever remember Ed Boon saying that Batman and Superman were against each other.
As some have said, I just remember Ed Boon saying that there was an explanation as to HOW it was possible for Batman to be able to fight Superman.
Who knows?
Maybe Batman's suit is partially made out of Kryptonite. :laugh:
Well, in one interview with Hector from.. EVO I think, the interviewer asked about why was Batman carrying kryptonite on a couple of banners and wallpapers. He said "Well, I can say it's not to give Superman a gift, it's for.. something else"

However, that might be only for badassery purposes :p

EDIT: Here's the link :

However, this does not mean it has to be a Civil War storyline, it can easily be something like: Most heroes go rogue, trying to rebel against "the new Regime" but Batman stays who he is, ready to neutralisa any threat to humanity including Superman and the JLA. We don't know yet.
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like I said before If it is in fact Vandal Savage as the main badie then it's mind control and that would explain a lot. but if it's Lex it could be anything.

And Batman used kryptonite to beat superman before so they're playing on that. If superman is a bad guy in this game the reason behind that would be either magic or red kryptonite.
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Soo..The new Regime...Well, AT LEAST its not going to carry the same game style as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. (That is, if they copy the Civil War, as said before.)