NEW Spider-Man 3 footage (New Goblin fight)

I saw the trailer with Vemon in the cinemas. So ccooooll. Is Carnage in this?
No, the only villain's in this film are Venom, New Goblin and the Sandman.

But, as with most Spider-Man films, expect cameos from other villains. The original Green Goblin is sure to make an appearance, as this is his son's last appearance in the series.
I saw the one where it shows how Venom becomes cool, I am going to see this in theatres right when it comes out.
Hell yeah! Cool footage. Sorry to see Harry Osborne join his father in death, but the movie is going to be sick, in a good way, plus my favorite character Venom is going to appear in the movie.

Yeah! It would've been cool if Carnage was in there. It would be a lot of deaths in the movie if Carnage is in there, since he's a damn psychopath.
Carnage is my favorite villian, I hope Spider-Man IV comes out lol.

I don't know. I think they will if they decide to go for it. If they did, it would be good, but I also wonder who else might appear on there. I was thinking about Lizard (Dr. Connors) and Scorpion being in the movie or game (whether way it goes) along with Carnage as the main enemy.

For real, Kona!!! Hit me up on my PM titling "Venom and Carnage".
venom is cool, but the only bad thing about him in the movie is that he's not buff. he's just a regular size villian.
yo did anyone see that new venom preview? i think i was watching adult swim, family guy? but its a preview featuring many shots of venom, they show more scenes from the church where forman turns into venom, awsome.
God I hope they have some climatic Spiderman vs. Venom vs. Carnage battle in Spiderman 4!! lol, they would kick so much ass!!
I saw the preview on Toonami when I actually see Venom clearly and he looks badass in there, especially at the end when he dropped from above and picked up Spider-Man by the head.