New Site Live!

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Patrick McCarron

TRMK Admin, Co-founder
Staff member
If you can see this, you are now on the new TRMK server. Welcome to our new home and we hope that it works even better than our old host did. Speed alone you should notice a large improvement.

Be sure to drop me an email if you notice any problems with this new server. There may have been areas I missed fixing during the migration.
New place huh? The speed notices, I'm not longer waiting like half a centry for a page to load.

But forget that. We have a new home... And you know what that means? Its party time and the Beers and pies are on me! 8)
I got chips and dip :D

I got a question though. Is the chat room still available? Because I don't see a *users chatting* thing at the bottom of the index. Just checking :D
Yeah the chatroom works but we had to remove the "Users Chatting" thing due to a difference in the servers. I hope to get it fixed soon this week, shouldn't be hard I just put it on the back burner with all the other fixes we had to make this weekend.
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