New Mortal Kombat Arcade Hacks


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Ok. Here's the scoop. With the help of the original code modder, "core333," I was able to hack rev 5.0's UJ12 rom and edit the code to modify the game. The game now has...

-) Fast Uppercut Recovery

-) Extreme Blood (Sub and JC Fatality Only)

-) After you beat the first opponent in the Endurance match, he comes back to life and BOTH opponents fight you simultaneously.

...unfortunately, it appears that modding the game's code to enable the "fast uppercut recovery", picking Scorpion and doing his spear move in 5.0 causes the game to crash. If I turn the fast uppercut recovery off and just keep the extra blood mod and the return of the dead mod, the are no other real glitches to speak of. But I wasn't satisfied.

I decided to do the "Extra Blood" mod and "Return Of The Living Dead" mod in the Turbo Ninja version since it already has fast uppercut recovery. I played the game through a few times with most of the characters and could find no real problems. :D

So, it looks like I'll have to use the Turbo Ninja version to be able to play with these mods and not have glitches/problems. Here it is in action (the last round is full of hilarious win...)

What should I call it? "Turbo Zombie," "Turbo Endurance?"

Here is the modified .zip if anyone wants to play this new version of Turbo Ninja. Simply overwrite your existing and you're all set! (you can save your original if you so choose) Have fun..!


Also did one that's NOT playable called "Identity Crisis." Here's that one. You'll see why it's not playable...

Also did one where I changed the code regarding the projectiles. They are now completely insane! Especially Kano....

What do you think?


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Here is the "Projectile Insanity" hack if anyone wants to have fun with it. Check it out and report back...

For those who don't know, save your original "mktturbo.rar/zip" and use the one in the link above to overwrite your original. Or you can remove your original from your "roms" folder and put this one in there instead. Up to you. If you have any problems getting it to work, let me know.


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About "Projectile Insanity" I downloaded the "", Replaced the Original but game does not shown on emulator. I Uses Mame32 V. 0.90u1.