New MK Action Figure Line

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
According to <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">Raving Toy Maniac</A>, <B>Infinite Concepts</B> is developing a set of action figures based on Mortal Kombat characters. Here is some information from RTM.<FONT COLOR="#FF8000"><BLOCKQUOTE><P>
The latest innovation is the <strong>Center of Gravity Joint Integrity Technology</strong>, which enables these amazingly articulated figures to pose and balance like the human form. <strong>Mortal Kombat</strong>, with it's strong martial arts themes and colorful characters, was the perfect license to use with these new action figure body types.
The first assortment, consisting of <strong>Lui Kang</strong>, <strong>Shang Tsung</strong>, <strong>Mileena</strong>, <strong>Sonya Blade</strong>, <strong>SubZero</strong> and <strong>Scorpion</strong>, is expected to debut in <strong>late summer/early fall</strong>. The male characters are <strong>8-1/2" </strong> high, and the females measure in at <strong>7-1/2"</strong>. The female figures will feature a revolutionary new design for the hip joint allowing for both realism and flexability unlike any seen in a female action figure to date.
Fans of <strong>Mortal Kombat</strong> can look forward to future figures in the line as well, possibly by years end or early <strong>2000</strong>. Plans for the second series are tentative at this early stage but top contenders include <strong>Kitana</strong>, <strong>Jax</strong>, <strong>Rayden</strong> and the monstrous half-dragon, <strong>Goro</strong>!</P></BLOCKQUOTE></FONT>
Thanks to <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">Gamespot News</A> for the info.