New Mash up Vid on IGN!

I love how so many classic moves are returning. And speaking of the Gotcha' Grab, doesn't the Joker's foot smack look like exactly the same thing? But, you know...more hilarious and awesome?
Jax's voice is deep as Hell!! Joker vs Kano, WTF

lol, yeah his is almost as deep as mine :mrgreen: lol

But yeah, Jax looks mehh at best IMO. Average, lol just a dull character IMO. But the voice acting and FMV's in this game are beyond sweet.

Yeah, Glamador I hear ya dude lol. Joker correct me if I'm wrong or seeing things but if you guys watch it again, I could swear Joker stomps on your, at least that's the area it looks like lmao....he's nuts lol