New J!NX Mortal Kombat T-Shirts & Contest

Patrick McCarron

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The great T-Shirt makers over at <a href="">J!NX</a> are now the new license holder for <b>Mortal Kombat</b> branded apparel. They have <a href="">five brand new Mortal Kombat shirts to start</a>, and likely more to come over time if demand exists. My favorite is easily the <a href="">Gonna Get Caged shirt</a>. Here's a quick look at the various different T-Shirt designs.

<a href="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_1.jpg" target="ShirtImage"><img src="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_1_sm.jpg" class="newslink"/></a> <a href="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_2.jpg" target="ShirtImage"><img src="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_2_sm.jpg" class="newslink"/></a><br/>
<a href="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_3.jpg" target="ShirtImage"><img src="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_3_sm.jpg" class="newslink"/></a> <a href="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_4.jpg" target="ShirtImage"><img src="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_4_sm.jpg" class="newslink"/></a><br/>
<a href="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_5.jpg" target="ShirtImage"><img src="!NX/J!NX_MKShirt_5_sm.jpg" class="newslink"/></a>

To celebrate they have given us a very generous prize of <b>Four $25 Gift Certificates</b> for purchasing your choice of the new <a href="">Mortal Kombat shirts</a> from <a href="">J!NX</a>. Everyone gets six possible ways to enter, so just follow the instructions in the widget below to enter.

<center>(Please be patient as the widget may take a little bit to load).
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Agree with above
Sub's my dawg but I'm gonna have to give Cage the win on these prints.

I wish they removed the dragon logo and the text though. Left it simply characters. Would dig the Sub shirt a lot more.