New Infamous 2 footage and interview from IGN


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This game is going to ****ing own. Period.

After getting the platinum trophy for the 1st one, I can safely say that it won't. Yet again it's obvious that only four moves will be useful and the same problem of repetition will plague this one as well. Why else would they make a mission creator mode? Bastards are to lazy to have an original thought.

Guess I'll just agree to disagree. One of the best games I've played. Must have been something you liked about it to get a platinum trophy in it, or you just have nothing else to play.
I was gonna buy this game but i ended up buying something else :( i really enjoyed the demo how you can climb on walls etc and how you can be good or evil i'm looking forward to this one same with resistance 3.
I'm not that optimistic after playing the first one. Being from the same creators as Sly Cooper, I was rather disappointed. :( However, I will admit it LOOKS good.