Netscape Communicator Beta 1 Released

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
On a totally unrelated topic, Netscape Navigator 4.0 beta 1 for Windows 95 is now available. Communicator is a group of programs intergrated into the netscape.exe (Browser, Editor, Messaging, Schedular, and much more.) This version is still quite buggy and the new look to the toolbar is remarkably similar to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.<CENTER>
<BR><IMG SRC="/images/misc/ns40tool.gif" ALT="Netscape 4.0 Toolbar"><BR><FONT SIZE=-2><em>(image altered to fit area)</em></FONT><BR><BR>
</CENTER>One of my main dissapointments is the absence of the Open Button. If you feel that the Open Button should return then go to <A TARGET="_top" HREF=""></A> and fill out the form stating that you want the Open Button in 4.0! I would be greatful if you did. You can get Netscape Communicator at <A TARGET="_top" HREF=""></A> The 6 meg file is the typical version, and the 9 meg version is the maximum version with plugins and other stuff. If is busy then you can just substitute the 20 with numbers 2 through 13.
Overall this new version of Netscape is a step ahead of the rest. I'll add some new 4.0 features to the page as soon as a stable beta version is released.