Need help purchasing an arcade machine

Killer Ryno

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Hello, i am currently looking to buy an arcade cabinet for my home, only problem, I dont know anything about arcade machines :( so i was wondering what would you guys recommend for me.

I want a typical arcade cabinet for fighting games, and i would like for it to be able to play multiple games, some games being UMK3, MK4, KI, maybe a streetfighter, and some others. Money isnt too much of a problem for me so i have some room. I would prefer a machine that is in good condition, but if other parts and repairs are needed i could probably fix it.

If anyone has or knows of a good guide on arcade cabinets that would be nice too, any help is highly appreciated. Thank You.
Then i am guessing you'd want to get a Mame cabinet, but as far as what kind of cab, the style of the layout, etc is dependent on what you like and prefer.

But you can also find a cheaper cab, say on Craigslist in your local area (SD? you'll find them all over the place in So-Cal) or eBay, and take it and modify it to what you want. etc. Lots and lots of options you have.
You need to be more specific. There are HUNDREDS of different types of cabinets out there. I ended up building my own. You can always get the cabinet of your choice and mod it for a bigger control panel for Mame, but it's ultimately up to you. I'd love to help you out, but I need more details on what it is you want exactly.
So my lovely girlfriend won a custom TMNT Turtles in Time Arcade cab and I just got it home. I don't know much about cabinets but am learning. Thinking of converting it to an MK cab if it's possible.
If it's a JAMMA style cabinet you should be able to swap boards out with no problem. A quick Google search indicates it should be. You should be able to convert the cabinet art to MK relatively easy. The only part that could be a challenge is if the button layout is vastly different than MK you may need to redo that part if you want an accurate MK style layout.
Still dreamin' of my 4 original machines MK MKII UMKIII & Killer Instinct 1

best 4 arcades ever---- i got a killer instinct 1 for about 600$ which is nothing 2 months not working finally got a new board. works great now i think the cpu on the board was fried as **** but ya to have the actual dedicated arcade working jamma board in your house is just ****in insane lol especially in your basment like next to your ps3 mk9 etc. i want an mk2 now i think this arcade stuff is an addiciton
harder to find here and more much more expensiveeeeeeeeee **** shitty wtv i dont have alot of space in my basement thinking about a mk2 and thats about it prolly my favorite 2 arcade machines of all time ki1 and mk2.