Need advice about Video games...

Okay a recent question that has been popping in my mind and kinda bothering me lately is this.

Will my video game console (and games) appreciate over time? I'm not talking 10 years. I'm talking in about 25 years or so.

I have a 3DS, and by the time it is over I should have 25-35 games (I have UMK too btw), and the rest are all digital.

What value can I expect in the future for my 3DS? I don't necessarily want to sell it, but I like having things that are pricy/have a massive amount of value.


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There is no telling, tbh. Some things gain more value with age than others. If you kept it in the box (but who would do such a silly thing with a 3ds?) and never touched it and preserved the mint condition, then it would be worth oodles of money compared to normal 3ds systems. Having a special design (like the pikachu 3dsxl or the original Zelda 3ds) would bump the price up more.

On games, its the same thing. But most of the time prices on games go low, or higher depending on how rare the game is in 25 years.

And everything depends on the market in 25 years. But as a collector, they matter as much as you want them to matter. Sure, having rare and expensive stuff is cool and part of being a collector, but its also on a sentimental level about your collection as well.