Necro Butcher


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Yea i have to thank midget kong for putting this in his sig. For if he didn't i would never have seen how good of a fighter he was. He's probably one of the most violent men in wrestling today. Whats your thought on him

Darth Sadistic

Garbage wrestling is not my bag I'm afraid.

Necro Butcher is not a wrestler he's a sadistic stuntman. Which is fine because people who don't appreciate the art of wrestling and just want to watch guys cutting each other up, get great pleasure from his work.

Don't confuse ECW with the garbage BJPW & CZW put inside a wrestling ring.

ECW did have some great wrestlers walk down their isle & they were run by one of the greatest wrestling minds ever known Paul Heyman.

It makes me laugh when people talk about their garbage wrestling and make it out to be the product that true wrestling fans should be watching.
Nothing could be further from the truth, as these guys are not talented in any way at all.

I agree that it has it's place as an alternate product, but it is still very much fourth rate wrestling.

However i will say that Necro Butcher is one crazy sick SOB! :lol:

Midget Kong

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"some people have said that what I do isn't wrestling.If that's the case then what I do is better than wrestling" - Necro Butcher

and how dare you think I don't have an apreciation for Pure wrestling.
I just can't stand to see crappy wrestling and shitty wrestlers like John Cena getting a belt.

you wanna talk about pure wrestling without any weapons?fine,but Deathmatch Wrestling is just another part of what I love to watch.
I have apreciation for all wrestlers who work their ass off in the ring.some of them happen to be in the WWE but they're few and far between.

Midget Kong

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Darth Sadistic said:
Midget Kong said:
how dare you think I don't have an apreciation for Pure wrestling.
Wow get over yourself, I didn't even mention your name! 8)

you basically included all deathmatch fans in what you said.

I'll admit,it,I hate alot of deathmatch fans that don't apreciate pure wrestling.

they go to shows and just cheer on the blood and that's it.
they tend not to apreciate the ideas put into the performances,or the athletic elements of Wrestling in general.

I wouldn't like to be grouped with un-educated bloodmarks wich don't have an apreciation for other forms of wrestling,including but not limited to Hardcore,Lucha,Japanese,shoot style,submition,Comedy,etc,etc.

I just no longer have an appreciation for the WWE product.
some older matches or little things like the old DX skits I still mark out for.
but I get more enjoyment overall out of watching the Indies (and I certainly don't just mean Deathmatch wrestling).