Mystery Mk3 Bootleg Snes


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Just browsing through youtube and noticed this.

Has anyone ever come across this before ?
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that really is strange,first time I have seen a cart like that.clearly it is a bootleg but I wonder its country of origin is? nice find! :)

Go to 23:24

I want to know what that game plays on and what it actually plays like... is it just a bootleg like OP's video or is it a crappy hacked version?
To the op, it appears to be super famicom cartridge, which could mean it's Japanese. I could be wrong, as I don't know which country's got the Famicon/super famicom and which ones got the nes/snes. But I don't think it's a bootleg copy... (Keep in mind that I didn't watch the whole video, just skimmed it, as I didn't feel like listing to some guy talking hehe).