My version of a Mortal Kombat Movie.


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Mortal Kombat: Shang Tsung's Tournament (My MK1 story.)

* The introduction would be about Bi Han killing Hanzo Hasashi and his family. Bi Han would use an ice dagger to slit Hanzo's throat and rip off his spine and head.

* The story would mostly be in the events of the first tournament in MK1.

* The main warriors would be Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya who would be in the first tournament. Along with them are characters such as Mokap (Johnny Cage's friend), Kung Lao, Kai, and Jax. The crew would meet up with a beautiful woman named Tasia who would become a love interest of Jax and Johnny Cage, causing the 2 guys to fight each other. Little does the crew know that Tasia is part of the Black Dragon who would be actually working for Jarek and Shang Tsung to misguide the Earthrealm warriors. (So Tasia would play that treacherous b**** and have that horrible death from an iconic fatality.) Also, Raiden is there to guide the Earthrealm warriors.

* In the villain (Outworld) side, there would be Shang Tsung (main villain), Jarek (instead of Kano since Kano would be better off saved for the future MK movies and during these events, Kano would be working with Shao Kahn behind the scenes), Ferra/Torr, Kitana (who will fall in love with Liu Kang and fight for the Earthrealm warriors towards the end), Reiko, Goro, Sub-Zero/Bi Han, Scorpion/Hanzo Hasashi (summoned from the Netherrealm to fight in the tournament and to hunt down Bi Han), a saurian (it would not be Syzoth/Reptile in the games but rather one of the saurians in the MK Mobile game), and a Tarkatan (not Baraka).

[Characters like Reptile/Syzoth and Baraka would be saved in the second movie even though the audience would think the saurian and Tarkatan would be them. The saurian would be called "The Saurian" and the Tarkatan would be called "The Tarkatan" when announced as contestants in the tournament since they are the only ones representing their race in this movie. ]

* Sonya would be looking for Kano the entire time but could not find him. Instead, she finds Jarek.

* Upon Tasia's betrayal, she'd be the one to slice off Jax's arms with her dual katanas and right before she can finish him further, she'd be interrupted by Sonya's "Ring Toss" and would run away severely injured with Jarek.

* A 2 on 2 fight would occur with Sonya and Jax vs Tasia and Jarek.

Finishers that would be featured in this movie...

* Mokap would just do an uppercut on a random warrior as a finisher. (Iconic since many people use that as a finisher in the games.)

* The Saurian would spit on a random warrior's face, melting the face in the process.

* The Tarkatan warrior would do Baraka's "Decapitation" fatality on a random warrior with his arm blades.

* Kai would do his "Torso Rip" fatality from MK4 on the saurian.

* Raiden would do use his electrical powers to make the Tarkatan explode.

* Ferra/Torr would do their "Better Than One" fatality on a random warrior during the tournament.

* Kitana would run towards Ferra/Torr first, then Kitana climbs on Torr as she kicks off Ferra. Next, Kitana uses her closed fans to stab Torr's eyes as she sets foot on the ground as Torr's back arches. Afterwards, she removes fans from the eyes and uses one of the fans to stab the back of Torr's head. Lastly, she pulls the head off using the fan as it is impaled in the skull, decapitating Torr in the process (exactly like her Brutality in MKX for her Assassin variation). When Ferra regains consciousness and stands up, Ferra runs up to and jumps towards Kitana to try and attack her but Kitana dodges the attack and simply decapitates Ferra with a fan.

* Shang Tsung would do his "Soul Steal" fatality on Kai.

* Goro would brutally kill Mokap by ripping off all his limbs and then ripping him vertically in half.

* Jax would grab her arms, plant his foot on her chest, and would rip off the arms in the process. Then as she screams in agony and falls to the ground, Jax does a powerful curb stomp to her face, crushing her entire head in the process. (Showing both of his classic fatalities.)

* Jarek would use his axe to slice a random warrior's chest in the fight, Then to kill the victim, Jarek would rip off the heart by placing his hand inside the chest wound.

* Sonya would knee Jarek at the balls and then would use her wires to decapitate him.

* Johnny Cage would hurt Goro with a nut punch and then perform the "Deadly Uppercut" fatality to finish him off, decapitating the Shokan in the process.

* Kung Lao would kill Reiko by using his "Buzzsaw" fatality on him.

* Scorpion would do his "Toasty" fatality on Sub-Zero/Bi Han.

* Liu Kang would kill Shang Tsung with a fatality that is similar to his MK9 fatality where he punches a whole through the abdomen (not chest, which would explain how Shang Tsung would survive since the heart remained intact).

* Liu Kang defeats Shang Tsung.

* The remaining heroes would be Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Raiden, and Jax.

* Quan Chi would appear and heal Shang Tsung to bring him to Shao Kahn. This is where Shao Kahn would scold Shang Tsung for his failures in the first tournament. Then a seconds tournament would occur as Shang Tsung is given a second chance to work with Shao Kahn.

* Bi Han would be seen in the Netherrealm becoming Noob Saibot and then killing off a bunch of Oni warriors that would try to attack him.

* It would be revealed that Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were the ones truly responsible for the deaths of the Shirai Ryu and Hasashi family. Shang Tsung would be the one to morph as Sub-Zero during killing Hanzo's family. Then the last scene would be Quan Chi laughing.

* Meat would be seen in the Flesh Pits trying to run away. He then would swing his cleaver on some mysterious figure, who happens to be an almost naked Mileena. He would miss the swing and then would get killed by her (Mileena does her MKX "Tasty Treat" fatality on Meat where she would use her claws to slice his belly open to rip off and eat the internal organs before ripping off his head and chewing it up as well).

[Please feel free to add any ideas to my movie idea. Thank you. My idea is to kill off all of my least favorite characters or at least the characters who are not so important to the storyline with the most iconic fatalities. This movie would also be accompanied with a game of the same plot.]