My theory on Goro and what it means for a lot of characters so far.


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Everyone, I think we actually might have some idea of who is going to be in the game before the game comes out and I think it can be understood like such:

The comic is a prequel to the game or at least in part. In the comic, something bad happens to Goro. Now it's not something that can be easily waived as just something that happened in the comic and I don't think that NRS would say "Go ahead and let this happen to Goro."

What happened to him is important and I think that what happened to him actually hints at who is in and who is out of the game.

Goro is in the game. And I think he's part of the story. What happened to him is far too specific to be ignored and the game is going to have to explain that, especially since Goro is in the game. This happened during the Outworld civil war which I think we're going to certainly see much more fleshed out in the game.

Now. In the comics, who have we seen? Sonya, Jacqui, Cassie, Frost, Jax, ect. But if you look at how the story is developing and who seems to be the main characters... notice that Johnny Cage has so far not been revealed by either the devs or the comics. Hsu Hao is dead. Kenshi is understood to be MIA. But a lot of characters seen as important to the story has been kinda shown. Raiden, Fujin, that kid being trained by Scorpion, Cassie, Jacqui, Erron Black. Ect. How much of the story is revolving around certain characters? I think that informs us as to who will be on the roster. Reiko is a big deal in the comic, Goro too, Mileena...

Some of these characters are around during a very important even such as what happened to Goro which is going to need an explanation in the game otherwise, it'd just be really weird. Sooo, maybe it's safe to say that the characters we've been seeing really are the rest of the roster.