My Mortal Kombat Fan Art


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I'll be updating this thread as much as I can with some works of art I did. I don't know how long it'll last because I always work on other stuff but here's what I got so far. These are not final looks, by the way.

Frost #1


Kitana #1


Mileena #1


Skarlet #1

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Tanyas Husband

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Wow, frost looks amazing in that. If she ever was put into the roster again, I'm feelin' that.
Looks like cornrows though, Lol.


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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!!!

If you know who Sylvanas Windrunner is, I got the inspiration for her outfit from her. I might do an alternate with more details.

Expect more characters, I have Mileena done and working on Kitana as I type.


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Thank you for the comments here!!!

Expect some more shortly! I would have worked on some today, but I had to get the house ready before my parents come home from vacation.

But I do have Ashrah started. And before anyone asks, I'm working on the females first, then the males.


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I want to bump my art thread because I thought I would like to share my Facebook page of my artwork: Link which has been in my signature since I joined.


Also, I made this and it's in the Kollective. I tried submitting more to it a while ago, and I think they forgot about it because I couldn't add anything else to it. But if you want to look at any other works of art, check out my page and please Like it if you do!