My Mortal Kombat crossover fanfiction idea


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Ive had this idea for a mortal kombat crossover with killzone set between killzone: liberation and killzone 2. I'm not sure if it's a good idea so I want to hear other people's opinions.

Basically the story is that the helghast have invented this new technology to teleport them into other realms, and they use it to invade edenia, outworld, and earthrealm. and the mortal kombat cast allies with the ISA to drive back the helghast from the realms and end the helghast threat.

I'm thinking of doing a sequel where the ISA and mk cast invade helghan (during killzone 2)

So what do think, should I write it or not?
Hmm killzone aye?
I'll read sure, if your experience is with killzone and Mortal Kombat then have at it :)
If people can cross Halo with Spyro and Mass Effect with Garfield, than youcan definitely throw MK and killzone together.

And if you need some advice crossing ye two franchises over... Well I'm writing one as we speak. I can help you out a bit.