My MK Chicago Vacation!


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Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to meet with Daniel or Carlos Pesina due to a family emergency they were having at the time. Thoughts and prayers with them! However, I did get to speak to Daniel on the phone and he made sure I was very well taken care of at his Wushu school! I not only got to train in his school but, I also was personally trained by Rick O'Meara, who works directly with Carlos in the motion capture of the current Mortal Kombat game. Rick even showed me around town, and told me about Smoque's BBQ, which is by the way, the best damn BBQ you will EVER have. I got to hang out with a lot of Daniel's students and one of his childhood friends, and I got to learn so much more about him from all the stories they told me, including one story that was quite painful involving the splits, and believe me, when you hear about this you will have SO MUCH MORE RESPECT for the Johnny Cage splits in MK1 and 2. I had a fantastic time there and I couldn't have been in better company. Huge thanks goes out to Rick O'Meara who turned out to make one heck of a great new friend.
Below are the pics, have fun!








^This was painful lol. Rick was stretching me out after a 1 1/2 hour workout, and my calf muscles wanted to explode (they actually popped). I was only laughing because my girlfriend Courtney was making fun of me for being in pain lol. Believe me though lol, I was praying for death here! LOL.


^At Galloping Ghost Arcade! This place was awesome! I got to play the custom built MK arcade machine there, and this thing even had INTERNET so you could play online! I was LOVING this.

^ Me and one of the co-owners of Galloping Ghost Arcade. These are great guys and if you ever get the chance to drop out there and play, PLEASE do. I couldn't imagine a better spot for gamers, ANYWHERE. I just wish there was something like this near Ohio!

So that's my Chicago vacation for you, in short. As you can see, I had a blast!
I plan on going back again in the near future, so I'll eventually catch Daniel and Carlos. It's just a matter of time lol, but again due to the situation they had at hand, I totally understand and I'm very greatful that I was taken care of like this. I can't wait to visit my new found friends at Chicago Wushu again very soon!
Hope you enjoyed these images as much as I did being in them! lol.
I enjoyed them, and envied them at the same time. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable trip. :)

Hope everything is okay with Daniel and Carlos.
They are fine (personally) they just had to deal with a family issue. Nothing serious, just a little stressful. But they're OK!
Rick is a super nice guy, glad you had a great time and he showed you around. I gotta get back to Galloping Ghost Arcade for their big year anniversary party next weekend.
Dan, the arcade machine was free! You go in, you pay 15 dollars and you can stay all day and play all of their arcades. They are all set to free play! Go check it out! If you need directions, PM me, and I'll be happy to send you the address so you can navigate on over.