My game's bugged (*no Challenge Tower prize)


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Just beat the Tower, all 300 levels of it, and I didnt get the "great" prize... wtf?! o_0

All I got was some victory pose screen or something with Mileena... which itself made no sense coz I wasnt even using her - lol!

So anyway, what's going on here? did I beat the mode the wrong way or something...??

PS: I don't mind spoilers, so what is this awesome prize anyway? Coz I'm too excited to wait after all the hype it was getting =P
Go play as Mileena and go to the alternate costume menu by pressing start. You'll see your reward

i don't get it... what does that do?

i've used Mileena's alt and so what?... does she somehow unlock other characters or some mini games or a HD retro MK game or something?

Or do you mean I have to BEAT THE GAME with her to get the prize? Please don't tell me it's the whole Tower mode again... ****!?! =O
Dude..... sorry to burst you bubble..... but that costume is the prize. Naked Mileena 3rd Alternate. Yeah, I raged too when I found out. 300 freakin challenges for a costume on a character I never use. Thanks a bunch NRS.
...hang the heck on!!

I unlocked her alt in the Krypt or something!... I remember it... I'm sure!

And either way, I think we're misunderstanding each other... I'm asking: HOW DO i UNLOCK THE PRIZE FOR BEATING THE CHALLENGE MODE (*after the 300th battle against the bosses).

I saw many places talk about it, even some interview with some developer who said it was the "greatest prize ever". So it's obviously some character unlocks, like the bosses, or some kart racing game or MKSM HD or something... it's can't just be an alt that every character gets anyway - lmao! xD
The greatest prize ever is Mileena's Flesh Pits Costume from the Story mode.
Yeah it's more like "Worst Prize Ever"
Sorry to disspoint you but Mileena's flesh pit costume ( the almost naked one) is the prize for beating the 300th challenge. Don't know what the people at NRS were smoking when they decided this.

this is some piss take right... coz i'm a new user... right? <_<

I heard the guy say it was some GREAT PRIZE... and that it would make MK fans go crazy... wtf!! o_0

even if it isn't a retro MK game (like in Shaolin Monks) it has to be something more than an outfit...! I mean you can unlock all the others in the krypt, right? and just buy some as DLC... so why would the prize for playing hours and hours to beat a mode full of cheating CPU battles be only a costume... and for a character i hardly see used anyway!? o_0

yep. u guys are having me on. good one! =D
Lol we serious dude, most of us came to know about it when Mk demo got hacked and info leaked (sometime in March) and were dissapointed from then on. We hoped that it would be a place holder for the actual 'best' prize, but unfortunately it stayed the same.
It's an ok prize if your in love with Mileena. But imo worst reward ever. There is nothing else unlocked either it's just a stupid costume that just covers her enough to keep the "M" rating. :(
ok ok.. lets pretend a different skin for mileena IS the prize...

so what about what the devs said? are you telling me they LIED?? 0_0

how can they say "the greatest prize ever" and give us practically nothing compared to the last games where all sorts of hidden stuff wasnt even called "the greates" anything??

Shaolin Monks had a whole game as an unlockable... and that was last gen! how can a game today only cough up a crappy costume for so much in game work... ANd after such greatness being promises??

(*still think u guys are pulling my third leg!)
Dude we're not kidding go into ladder mode, go on Mileena's costume select, go past costume 2 and klassic and BAM Mileena Costume 3.
i know the costume it there... ok.

i accept MAYBE you get it from beating the tower mode...

but THAT'S IT??? nothing else? o_0

come on...
Debane, your avatar's face sums up this whole Its probably your true facial reaction when you realized we werent kidding...hahahaha
Who knows. Maybe Boon and Co. were enormous fans of Mileena and thought this prize was orgasmic.

It's one reason why I didn't bother to try and finish the 300 Challenges.
Lolololololol I can't believe this!
I was just like you when I finished the #300 challenge of the tower.

THE GREAT PRIZE EVER IN THE STORY OF THE VIDEOGAMES AND MK AND BLABLABLALBA = a stinky piece of toilet paper for Mileena.... and even, MILEENA, just one character of the entire game.

These guys sucks.
Omg omg , the best online ever, it will put the new standars for online fighting games = crap servers, full lag, desync errors.

The only thing they do well was the fighting style/engine of this game =P (at least, i'm fine with that)

PS: I want do something with all the extra koins I have ¬¬ ! Maybe change it for DLC =P?