My First MK FanFiction


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As the Lin Kuei silently sneaked into the village, Kuai Liang overhears two people talking. He hears an older man say 'Henzo, you have completed your training, now I give you your first mission. I want you to find and kill Tomas Vrbada.' 'Smoke...' Kuai Liang says silently to himself, 'I have to warn him.' Says Kuai as he runs through the forest. As he returns to the Lin Kuei, he looks for Tomas. 'What troubles you, Sub-Zero?' Says smoke as he practices his sword skills in the training area. 'Smoke, it's Scorpion, he's been given a command to kill you.'

To be continued...

Henzo Hasashi - Scorpion

Kuai Liang - Sub Zero

Tomas Vrbada - Smoke
I like where it's going. I'd like it if I got a bit more elaborate information about the situation, and a bit more detail.
Other than that, I think this is going along great, and I'd like to read more! :)