My Feelings Towards Mortal Kombat Poem - Aldo Moreno

Aldo Moreno

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Mortal Kombat khange helped me my bad life go away.

I'll get say this and get it over with, I pick having a real MK game, good story, and having fun over gameplay.

There goes some guy kussing me out who may be over weigh.

He'll just troll, I'lll leave so anyway.

I learned from a kharacter name Liu Kang, I should be against violence.

I love him, he is my hero, and if you don't like him, please just stay silent.

When I get mad, I play Mortal Kombat to let go of my anger and stress.

Espically, when I am feeling depress.

And I feel better and say,"I love Mortal Kombat, this game is the best."

Then I see other people who aren't really impressed.

But I don't kare. Mortal Kombat is something I am obess.

Mortal Kombat has stop me for doing a lot of stupid actions.

Keeps me away from the situtation, a oh so big distraction.

I love Mortal Kombat.

I hope Liu Kang makes a big kome back"/.

If not, my heart will be a little black.

But I'll still play it, just like I have been here for Mortal Kombat since day one.

Yeah I said it, even the 3D games. I love them. It's Mortal Kombat, they're still freaking fun.

And no, that wasn't a pun.

I love all the Mortal Kobmat kharacters, even the Styker with the gun.

I'll also mention Mortal Kombat to my future son.

I don't konsider myself as a gamer, I'm a Mortal Kombat fan.

So I don't like guest kharacters, they should be banned.

Esipcally that Quan Chi looking man.

Just like Liu Kang, I want to be a somebody.

Staying away from negative, so don't talk about ilumminati.

It's my feelings when people say Mortal Kombat and Liu Kang sucks.

I think, "hey I don't kare. Mortal Kombat is gonna keep making me feel better, keep me from doing stupid things, and then you'll see me in a nice tux."

Talk shit to me kause I don't kare about gameplay and you tell me I suck?

Kome fight me! I'll kick your ass with Liu Kang make you run faster than a baby duck.

Then, I'll thank Ed Boon for kreating Mortal Kombat and make him blush like shucks.

Mortal Kombat also has very nice designs.

How kould I forget the story? Psh, rate it? More than a nine.

The story is better than any other fighting game kombined.

Don't be mad, this opinion is mine.

I love the fatailties as well. I love it when Sub-Zero rips out the spine.

And when Liu Kang turns into a dragon to get a little dine.

There goes that troll, I'll so my last word so anyway.

I'm not gonna say anything to someone who might be over weigh.

Like I said, I pick have a real Mortal Kombat game, good story, and having fun over gameplay.

Thank you Mortal Kombat, you helped me make my bad life go away.
Very cute poem Aldo :top: I like the way you express your feelings by transforming them into a poem.
Lol, why kute? And thank you dude. I love writing poems.

Cute because of your unconditional love towards Liu Kang :). I don't mean it in a wrong way, I like your poem.

PS: you write more poems to Liu Kang than to Outworld's goddess, you need to do something about that ;)